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Below Average Player Signing Alert

| February 9, 2009

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As I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere, the Bucks have signed semi-veteran Eddie Gill. I’d say he is a veteran, but he’s played less than three full seasons of games in the League. Over at Ridiculous Upside (see link above) and BrewHoop they have similar takes regarding the move: blah. I agree. Why bother signing some guy who is just some guy. For all of the good young players there are floating around various leagues right now, why bother with a guy who couldn’t stick at any of the six stops he’s had. The only thing he’s really done well in the NBA is shoot free throws, coincidentally what Ridnour usually did at the end of games. Gill is a career .355 shooter, not overwhelming.

Essentially it looks like the Bucks want to go with a veteran guy who’ll be able to hold down the backup spot for ten minutes each game. One thing sticks in my mind at this time: Haywoode Workman. Workman was a journeyman who was out of the league for a year when the Bucks signed him as an injury fill-in during the 1998-99 season. He provided the Bucks with a pretty good boost, considering the circumstances, and even helped get them into the playoffs.

Something tells me Eddie Gill does not equal Haywoode Workman.

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