Welcome to Milwaukee Salim Stoudamire

“Who the hell is that dude with the crazy hair next to Bogut?”

That was my first reaction upon seeing last night’s game. I obviously hadn’t heard the big news. Sharpshooting Arizona guard Salim Stoudamire is a Buck. I love it. No, Salim isn’t going to make a huge impact and he might be a bit of a flake, but the man has a skill. There is always room at the end of the bench for players who have a skill.

Be it a defensive specialist, a free throw shooter to ice games, an athlete for energy or a great shooter, if you have one incredible talent you can make an impact.

If you don’t believe me watch Kyle Korver on the Jazz.

Stoudamire is a lights out shooter who has drifted around the league finding more problems with coaches than minutes with other players. Everyone deserves a clean slate though. The fact that the Bucks saw someone who had some talent out there and decided to take a shot is encouraging. Why waste the roster spots on the Eddie Gill’s of the world when you can take a look at a guy who could fill a specific role on a good team?

Yet another encouraging sign that John Hammond knows what he is doing.

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  1. I believe Salim had issues with Grampa Lute when he was at Arizona. I think he was suspended the day they played MU.

    Eric Maynor + Jerel McNeal = Playoffs