The Bucks appear to be in spin control after an ugly looking day of trading.  Ugly looking to the casual fan that is.

  • Brewhoop has a great breakdown of the Bucks current cap situation
  • Skiles insists the trade was not a salary dump.  It was, but it wasn’t at the same time.  They didn’t trade RJ just to get rid of his contract.  They did it to create some flexibility and gain some assets.  It’s not like they aren’t going to use the money, so I get where Skiles is coming from.
  • Hammond says it was all about having a flexible roster.  He hints that more moves could be coming.
  • Gary Woelfel shares his thoughts on the Bucks and thinks more deals will come.
  • Craig Counsell is a Bucks fan.  He tells Hammond it’s going to take time to build, just like it did for the Brewers.  I love that message.  It’s all about good draft picks, good development and good cap management.
  • Chris Bernucca of ProBasketballNews is not drinking the John Hammond Kool-Aid.

And another reminder to be back here tommorrow night.  We’re hoping to go live around 5:30 PM with TrueHoop Network’s Marathon Blogger Draft Chat.  It should be great.