Buck Hits: 6-27

  • Charles F. Gardner gives us the scoop on why Hammond and Skiles went with Jennings
  • Gardner also writes how Jennings worked his way up the Bucks board
  • Jeff Goodman from Fox writes Jennings experiment paid off
  • Jennings interview on draft night
  • Dave DeGrace writes the NBA will seem like a cake walk after Europe
  • Chad Ford thinks this could be a home run
  • Michael Hunt sees a plan
  • Jodie Meeks is excited to be learning from Michael Redd
  • Gary Woelfel informs us that the Bucks have made a qualifying offer to Ramon Sessions
  • An interesting piece from the Baltimore Sun about ex-Buck Sam Cassell’s transition to coaching.  George Karl was a motivating factor!?

I’ll have my official thoughts on Brandon Jennings and Jodie Meeks up Sunday or Monday.  It looks like it’s been a little more well received than I would have predicted initially.  Enjoy the weekend Bucks fans!

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