Draft Notes: 6-21

Chad Ford leads his Sunday Draft Buzz column with a note on the Bucks.

I think Milwaukee’s board looks like this right now going into that workout:

1. Jordan Hill
2. Holiday
3. Flynn
4. Teague
5. Jennings
6. Lawson

Holiday won’t be in the workout, but maybe he doesn’t need to be at this point. The other four rankings could change based on what happens on Monday.

He also mentioned the point guard workout the Bucks are having Monday.  Overall, his take on things bums me out.  I don’t really get what the problem with Brandon Jennings is.  I’m thinking maybe he’ll move up once they work him out.  In my eyes the pick is between Hill, Flynn and Jennings.  But I’m not running an NBA team.  And if I were, I’d probably be doing a crappy job of it, so I’ll just assume John Hammond will make a better decision.

DeJuan Blair’s  weight is still an issue.  Poor guy.  The last time I heard someone’s weight discussed this much in basketball was when Barkley said he was coming back with Jordan.  And Barkley ended up being too fat.  Dave Babcock is not totally convinced, but he sounds hopeful.

“We experienced Robert Traylor,” he said. “He got in great shape and then after the first year, it was tough to keep weight off. (Blair’s) got the great work ethic and that leads you to believe that he’s serious about staying (in shape).”

According to Ford Blair is no longer in play anyway, but who knows what will happen on draft night.  There has been as much confusion this year as any after the first pick.

As I’ve said before, what’s great about the draft is that even casual fans can get into the NBA for a day.  That would explain why the good people of Baraboo have advice for John Hammond.  They caution him not to make the same mistake he made last year:

Whoever ends up going to Milwaukee in the draft, let’s hope Hammond does better than a year ago. The Bucks can’t afford to get almost nothing from it’s top pick two years in a row.

Poor Joe Alexander is still taking shots.  The Bucks aren’t going to win an NBA championship next year.  They can afford to wait a few years for players to develop.  Everyone has already written off a kid who was labeled a project coming out.  Give Joe time!

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  1. Yes, I am reading your blog! I read that post from Ford earlier today and I thought about my Jordan Hill/Jonny Flynn Infatuation…I have come to the conclusion I want Flynn, Hill, then Jennings. BTW im still waiting on podcasts. Also Bucksketball fans, follow me on facebook for more golf tips! golfpro24

    Go Bucks

  2. A. I can’t believe you’re using my site to pimp your twitter golf tips
    B. I can’t believe you said facebook and not twitter
    C. I’m ready to plant myself firmly on the Jonny Flynn bandwagon