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Cheer Up Jonny, Milwaukee isn't that bad.
Cheer Up Jonny, Milwaukee isn't that bad.

We’re heerree.

After months of talking and preparation the NBA Draft is set to go down at 6:30 PM Milwaukee time tonight.  The Journal-Sentinel predicts it will be Jonny Flynn wearing the green and red hat tonight.  Flynn currently leads the mock drafts right now, just edging out Jordan Hill.  I expect this to be a little more fluid than usual today though.

We here at have embraced the idea of the athletic point guard from Syracuse.  After all, he had great success in a sold out Bradley Center last year, maybe he can recapture that magic down the road.  Flynn was an electric scorer at Syracuse in his two years there and did an adequate job of taking care of the ball.  His quickness should make him a force pressuring point guards on the perimeter and he’s blessed with very impressive athleticism that helps neutralize his size deficiency.

Alas, we can’t be too sure that he’ll even be available.  In Chad Ford’s most recent mock draft (I’m excited this week is almost over so Ford can sleep again) Flynn was taken earlier and the Bucks were “stuck” with Jrue Holiday.  I don’t think he’ll be a terrible player, but personally I’d feel better about Flynn or Brandon Jennings.

Essentially it’s between Flynn, Holiday, Jennings, Jeff Teague and Jordan Hill.  As Ford alluded to the other day the board likely looks something like

  1. Jordan Hill
  2. Jonny Flynn
  3. Jrue Holiday
  4. Brandon Jennings
  5. Jeff Teague

That seems to be the way things shook out after the massive point guard workout Monday.  Hammond and Scott Skiles have been very adamant that they would not be more inclined to draft for need now that there is some money available to resign Charlie Villanueva.  If Hill is there, I think he’s the pick.

As for round two?  That’s a crap shoot, but I did read something very interesting about late round one picks and round two picks in ESPN’s D.R.A.F.T. Initiative study of the NBA draft.

Harbor no illusions. Find guys late who can fill one role for you in your system. Forget about somebody blossoming into a star.

Forget taking a big man because he’s full of potential or a younger guy because he is raw, it’s all about skills.  The Bucks have been as savvy as anyone with second round picks in recent years (Mike Redd, Ramon Sessions, Dan Gadzuric and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute to name a few) and should get a decent guy at 41.  Candidates?

Nando de Colo – French – A French point guard that has a very important skill: he can be left in Europe for a few years to develop.  The Bucks had him in twice for workouts.

Wayne Ellington – Shooter – Ellington was a helluva shooter at UNC and likely will fill that same role on an NBA team in the future.  Think Dell Curry when he was on the Bucks, not when he was on the Hornets.

Jerel McNeal – Defense – If the Bucks were able to use their new found flexibility to trade Charlie Bell they would have a ready made replacement in McNeal.  As ready as anyone to defend point guards at the NBA level.  Plus he wouldn’t hurt ticket sales.

Ahmad Nivins – Rebounding – Nivins, from St. Joseph’s, was fifth in the country in rebounds per game last year and at 6’9 242 would be a nice complement to the Bucks bench.

Kleon Penn – Shot-blocking – Penn, from little known McNeese State, was brought in for a workout earlier this month and could have done enough to win the hearts of the front office.  The Bucks sorely lacked in the area of shot-blocking last year.  You can find him on the workouts page.

Or it could be someone I don’t have listed.  I wouldn’t mind seeing any of these gentlemen though.

As a special treat, I’ve re-assembled the gang from The Ideas of the Uniformed for their preferred choices.

The Hothead – Brandon Jennings

The Obnoxious One – Jonny Flynn

The Rational One – Jonny Flynn

The Homer – Jonny Flynn

The Burgeoning Fan – Jonny Flynn

you at 5:30!

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