Straight Outta Compt…er…Italy

Welcome to Milwaukee!  It's not that sunny here.
Welcome to Milwaukee! It's not that sunny here.

At number ten the Bucks went with the winner in the upside battle between Brandon Jennings and Jrue Holiday.  Welcome to Milwaukee Brandon Jennings.  Jennings is young, he’s a trail-blazer and none of us really know what to make of his European adventure, but at the very least he is someone to talk about.  Will be put Milwaukee back on the NBA map for the right reasons?  Or will people be done watching his experiment after a year or two?  Only time will tell.  But I’m excited to find out.

In round two the Bucks passed on local favorite Jerel McNeal and went with Kentucky scoring machine Jodie Meeks.  Meeks is what I like to call a volume scorer.  He had 54 points in a game last season for an underachieving Kentucky team and shot 40% on threes.  The pick was generally well received in TrueHoop’s Live Blog so I’ll give it the thumbs up.  I would have loved to see McNeal here though.  Scott Skiles gets a 19-year-old point guard who showed up four picks after he was drafted to greet the crowd and one of the more notorious jackers in college basketball from last year.  Should be a fun training camp this year!

I’ll have more thoughts later, but don’t expect much from me this weekend as a friend of mine is getting married this weekend.  If I’m not back Sunday I’ll be back Monday with a roundup of the Bucks draft day.  For now,  I’ll just give it a thumbs up.

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  1. Not that crazy about the first pick, but the kid from Kentucky should be fun to watch. J McNeal would have been nice but alot of guys don’t pan out when they play in the same venue as there college ball.
    Can’t wait to see you dance at the wedding.