Buck Hits: 7-10

  • Brew Hoop takes a detailed look at the Bucks cap situation and how it will affect the rest of the off-season and what it will look like next year when the cap is lowered.  Frank has put together a terrific looking chart, it’s a must-see for Bucks fans.
  • In a somewhat surprising move, Amir Johnson will be playing on the Bucks summer league team in Vegas.  Johnson originally intended to practice with the team and not make the trip according to the article from JSOnline, but coach Scott Skiles apparently wanted him to play.  It’s always good to see guys accepting some summer league time if they are eligible.  If nothing else, it shows that they are going to be doing something with their summer.  Also in the article is mention that Dominic James will not be making the trip after injuring his knee.  Tough luck for him.  He wouldn’t have made the team anyway, but it’s sad to see him not be able to show his wares for other teams out there.  Hopefully he’ll be able to land a good deal in Europe.
  • Robbie Collum of Racine will be making the trip though and is hoping to play it into a deal somewhere writes Gary Woelfel.  One of my favorite things about summer league is the hometown guy who gets a shot.  Who doesn’t like seeing a Wisconsinite suit up for the Bucks, even if it’s only temporarily?
  • Jodie Meeks signed a three-year deal Wednesday.  It should be a pretty similar deal to the one Luc Richard Mbah a Moute received last year.  If Meeks gives them good minutes as a backup to the backup at shooting guard and is playing consistent minutes by year two or three it will be a terrific value.
  • Michael Hunt writes that the Bucks are looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the NBA’s salary cap.  He’s buying into the acquisition of assets and so am I.
  • Remember Marcus Haislip?  Well he’s signed with the Spurs.  Yes, those Spurs.  The last we’d heard from him was his was working on his right cross in Europe.  But apparently he was working on his basketball playing abilities too.  Zach Harper of Hardwood Paroxysm reintroduces him to the league.
  • No news yet on the Josh Childress front, but the Hawks have resigned Zaza Pachulia and Mike Bibby.  That likely limits the Bucks options with regard to a sign-and-trade to Bruce Bowen.  John Hollinger mentioned in a chat earlier today that Bowen was the most likely candidate.  I had been hoping they didn’t bring back Bibby and Luke Ridnour might come into play, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case.  In any case something will be happening soon, as Childress has until July 15 to decide whether or not he wants to return to the NBA.
  • Chad Ford ranks the moves of each NBA team in the off-season (Insider).  The Bucks do not rank in the top 27.  Inactivity remains unsexy I guess.  The Pistons are ranked third, I’m sure they are well on the way to a championship after this terrific summer.

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