Buck Hits: 7-13

  • Summer league basketball!!  Here are box scores from Friday’s game and Sunday’s game.  You’ll notice things look much better on Sunday’s, especially for Brandon Jennings.  Jennings got into a nice rhythm in the second half on Sunday and ended up canning half of his eight three-point shots.  It’s likely he had some first professional game jitters heading into things Friday, so it makes sense that he was able to turn things around rather quickly.  What doesn’t makes sense?  Joe Alexander.  He currently sits at a tidy 5-25 heading into the Monday night game against Sacramento.  Ugh.  This sounds like the guy who had trouble with Chris Otule from Marquette and not the guy who began looking more comfortable at the end of last season.
  • David Thorpe from ESPN.com had been tweeting during summer league games the past few days but left before the Bucks started on Friday.  He stuck around for the first half Sunday.  He is not a fan of Jennings form on his jump shot.
  • The Las Vegas Sun was impressed with Brandon.
  • Frank at BrewHoop had an eventful weekend, live blogging Friday and Sunday in addition to having a chat with John Hammond.  Hammond says the Josh Childress situation is a “wait and see” type of thing, but they can only wait so long as Childress must make some sort of declaration by July 15 as to whether or not he will be returning to Europe.  Ditto Ersan Illyasova.  I expect Wednesday to be busy.
  • Some stuff about Jennings in a Day 3 roundup of the Vegas league at TrueHoop.  Apparently David Thorpe has faith in BJ after all.
  • The Bucks remaining Vegas schedule: Monday vs. Sacramento @ 9:30pm (all times central), Wednesday vs. Chicago @ 5:00pm, Thursday vs. Toronto @ 3:00pm

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  1. As difficult as these games are to watch I will probably tune in to Monday’s game vs. Sacramento.

    It will be interesting to see McNeal go up against the Bucks…if he can pry the ball out of the hands of Tyreke Evans and Donte Green.

  2. Worth watching to find out how Marcus Landry has been drilling threes with such regularity. He was 4/7 last game! Check out CowbellKingdom.com for an overview of the Kings guys.

  3. I question that guy’s evaluations. I watched the last 2 minutes of the first half, and then the entire 2nd half, and Curry was pretty much doing what he wanted to, when McNeal was guarding him. He started 0-8, which means he went 8-14 the rest of the way. Curry had a couple of very impressive finishes at the rim.

    Regarding Landry…I think he is getting a little too excited about him hitting 4-7 the other night. He mentioned that Landry “might be an option to make the team if they feel they need a reliable shooter…a Steve Novak-type of role.” Landry was a career 36% 3pt shooter at UW.