Buck Hits: 7-17

  • As expected for some time, the Bucks have resigned Ersan Ilyasova.  His deal is for three years and will run at $2.1 million this season.  It makes things a little tight, but assuming the Bucks drop Bruce Bowen ($1.9 million savings) and Salim Stoudamire ($884,881) they should be able to bring back Ramon Sessions while avoiding the luxury tax.  As far as Ersan, he’ll compete with Amir Johnson and probably a little bit of Luc Mbah a Moute for minutes at the four.  The numbers from Ersan’s only NBA campaign in 2005?  About six points and two rebounds, with a tidy .365 shooting percentage from behind the arc.  This may not sound all that impressive, but remember that he was 19 at the time and generally looked terrified to be on the court.  He’ll be four years older, wiser and stronger when he returns to the court this season.  Reports have been generally positive about his development in Europe, indicating that his rebounding has been solid and his defense should hold up well in the NBA.  Europe is often referred to as a more physical game, so it probably served him well to spend the last few years toughening up in one of the better leagues Europe has to offer (Spanish ACB).  His three point shooting will likely be less frequent than Charlie Villanueva’s was, and hopefully more accurate.  I’m in favor of that on both accounts.
  • For more Ersan thoughts, check out Brew Hoop.  Frank has been keeping a close eye on Ersan for a while now.
  • So, what of Ramon Sessions and his many suitors?  Sessions has primarily  been connected to the Clippers, the Blazers and the Knicks along with the Bucks.  Each scenario that has Sessions heading towards any of these franchises comes with it’s own set of improbabilities.  Marc Stein is reporting that the basketball people in L.A. are more interested in Sessions than Allen Iverson.

The problem with that is basketball people in L.A. do not matter as much as Donald Sterling.  Thank god.  Sterling likely things bringing in Allen Iverson will do wonders for Clipper attendance and season tickets.  He’ll surely do whatever he can to set up a meeting with Iverson and get too excited about bringing him in.  Here’s hoping Sterling will botch the Clippers point guard move.  Portland seems to prefer someone in the big man/small forward position right now.  After almost closing the deal with Hedo Turkoglu, only to be spurned at the last minute, they presented Paul Millsap of Utah with a hefty offer sheet … only to have it matched.  To me, the next logical move would be to explore a contract with Lamar Odom, whose negotiations with the Lakers have grown somewhat tenuous.  Odom is a better player than Turkoglu and Millsap and comes with a much better track record.  How anyone could ever think Turkoglu has more to offer than him I will never understand.  The word on the Knicks is that they are very interested in Andre Miller.  They have their hearts set on one year deals it seems preferring to reserve all future cap space for a run at LeBron and company next off-season.  So where will the offer sheet the Bucks appear to be waiting for with Sessions come from?  I’m not sure.  But I think the next step for the Bucks is switching gears on the Sessions philosophy and offering him a deal in the $3-5 million range for three or four years.  It would jive with their flexibility movement and give them a future asset assuming Brandon Jennings becomes what some people (me) think he will become.

  • The Bucks were unable to leave summer league without a blemish on their record, dropping the finale to Toronto on a last second shot by Quincy Douby.  Highlights available on NBA.com.  Be prepared for some wonderful looking jump shots out of Jodie Meeks, who led the Bucks with 29(!).
  • David Thorpe gives more tweet tweet love to the Bucks, particularly Jodie Meeks and Brandon Jennings.
  • Kevin Arnovitz has a few pieces about the Bucks on his Day 7 Roundup of the league.

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