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Buck Hits: 7-2

| July 2, 2009

Category: The Off Season

  • The Bucks announced their summer league roster yesterday.  Guys who could stick around into training camp?  Aside from obviously the draft picks, I’d keep my eye on Juan Palacios from Loserville (Louisville) and Chris Richard who was the fifth wheel on the national championship teams at Florida.
  • In one of the more surprising stories of free agency, the Bucks have persuaded Josh Childress to come and visit Milwaukee, writes Gary Woelfel.  Childress if you remember, was unhappy with the Hawks pursuit of him last year and decided he’d be better off bolting to Europe for a year.  He’s still property of the Hawks and may be visiting as a negotiating ploy, but it’s something to watch.  He fits right in with the players the Bucks have acquired as of late.  He can move between the two and the three and get up and down the court.  He’s a very good defender and can shoot and slash.  I’m getting way too excited just thinking about this.
  • According to Sekou Smith, the aim may be to work out a sign-and-trade.  Could this be the deal that ships out Luke Ridnour?  The Hawks need a point guard if Mike Bibby doesn’t return.  Just saying.
  • We might want to hide this info from Josh Childress.  The Bucks don’t stack up well in the Ultimate Standings.
  • John Hammond was one of the first to call Ramon Sessions in the annual ritual of midnight calls to players on the first day of free agency Wednesday.  That may sound silly, but it means a lot to players when teams do little things like that to show they want them.
  • Kudos to Rob Mahoney over at Hardwood Paroxysm for having a firm grasp on what the Milwaukee Bucks are trying to do.

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  1. Vega says:

    So if the Bucks get Childress, the rotation would look something like this:

    PG: Sessions
    SG: Redd (Insert Childress/Bell here if Redd gets traded.)
    SF: Mbah a Moute
    PF: Ilyasova (Do we know for sure if he is coming back?)
    C: Bogut (For about thirty games. Then he’ll get injured and Gadzuric will start.)
    6: Childress
    7: Jennings
    8: Alexander
    9: Johnson
    10: Bell
    11: Gadzuric
    12: Stoudamire/Meeks

    That is a decent team.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I’d agree, but throw Ridnour and Kurt Thomas on there for now and I think Childress would start over Mbah a Moute too, but they might go with Mbah at the PF again to open the year with Johnson and Illyasova splitting minutes behind him.

  3. Kyle says:

    You said Childress is still property of the Hawks, which would require a sign and trade.

    Woeful sounds as if he is a Free Agent.

    Who is correct?

  4. Jeremy says:

    They made him a qualifying offer. He is not a free agent, he is a restricted free agent. The Bucks could make him an offer at about the mid-level exception. Whether the Hawks would match that is up for debate. Sekou Smith says J-Chill has no interest in playing for the Hawks again, so I don’t know if they’d want to match it. Odds are they would because he’s a valuable asset. I think sign and trade is the most likely way he becomes a Buck.

  5. Kyle says:

    The summer league game to watch:

    Mon., July 13 vs Sacramento

    Dominic James and the Bucks face off against Jerel McNeal, Wes Matthews and the Sacramento Kings.