Ramon Sessions – A Hot Topic

On behalf of Milwaukee Bucks fans everywhere I want to extend a big SHHH to Kevin Arnovitz and everyone else talking about Ramon Sessions.  We’ve been trying to keep this whole Ramon Sessions thing to ourselves guys.  No one pays attention to the Bucks at all during the year, now one potential jewel is in Milwaukee and everyone wants to blow the whistle on the Bucks.  From TrueHoop:

Troubling.  Troubling because the Knicks are one of four teams I suspected to be  hot for Sessions and Gary Woelfel confirmed that via twitter today.  The Knicks need to show some promise if they are going to be able to recruit a big name free agent next off-season (like I don’t know, Lebron James?) and they don’t have much right now.  Adding Sessions to a team that has potential prospects Danilo Gallinari and Jordan Hill would make them a much more appealing destination.

If the Knicks make a four or five year offer it puts the Bucks in an awkward position.  Hammond seems to have made it his creed to avoid overpaying and tying up cap space.  He’s been the anti-Larry Harris.  A five year deal starting at the mid-level exception would leave the Knicks offer somewhere between $29 and $35 million.  The Bucks could match this and be okay considering the vast amount of cap space coming off their books in the next two years, but is Sessions really worth it?  Tough call.

He’s a developing point with good vision and a knack for getting to the hoop.  But he’s obviously not the Bucks ideal future at the position.  His defense left something to be desired and he seemed to lack focus at times on the court, resulting in the ball bouncing away from him or other silly turnovers.  He’s got a very bright future, but the Bucks would need to ask themselves if he and Jennings would impede each others growth.  Neither is a particularly strong three-point shooter at the respective junctures in their careers, but that may be something that develops as they continue to improve.

Regardless of how Jennings and Sessions would coexist as Bucks I’m left a little baffled right now, as everything about how the Bucks have handled Sessions over the last year has struck me as curious.  It’s always seemed that they don’t hold him in quite as high of regard as the general public does.  Is there something they are seeing that the rest of us aren’t?  Why would Sessions not play at all in the first two games of the year last year?  Why have the Bucks taken a very VERY conservative, “wait and see” approach to his resigning this off-season?  Letting other teams dictate his value seems to imply that they aren’t sold on him being worth what the general idea of him would suggest.

It will be interesting if the Knicks make an offer to him.  But methinks there is more to this situation than meets the eye.  And I have a feeling the longer Sessions free agency plays out, the less likely it will be that the end result is Sessions in a Bucks uniform.

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