Trade Winds Blowing: 7-21

Lots of buzz going around a Malik Allen for Denver’s Sonny Weems trade right now.  For some info on Weems check out Roundball Mining Company.  If the deal actually goes through straight up Allen for Weems that would be the steal of the year for the Bucks.  Weems contract guarantees on August 15th for 736k but if he’s released before then it’s only 175k.  I don’t know that the Bucks would want to cut him unless they plan to try and bring back Sessions, as he seems fairly talented.  Straight up they would save about 700K if they keep him just by dumping Malik Allen.

Methinks that makes no sense for the Nuggets though.  I’d suspect the Nuggets will want to add someone else, or get something of value in addition to Allen.  A pick?  Them unloading a bad contract?  Who knows.

John Hammond would not confirm or deny the trade on an appearance on 540 ESPN’s the D-List today.

If anything is announced and official I’ll have another update about it today.

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  1. Only thing I can think of is that Denver has money to burn and wants a cheap EC trade chip for the deadline. But at that point, why not find a more useful player? I’m sure tons of NBA teams would be happy to take Weems’ NG off their hands.

    Whatever, I’m not complaining.