Welcome to the Bucks Sonny Weems

Sonny Weems officially is in the conversation for coolest name by a Bucks player.  With Sonny Weems and Jodie Meeks the Bucks have two players with names straight out of some 70s sitcom.

The Bucks acquired Weems along with Walter Sharpe for Malik Allen and his expiring contract.  Here are some observations on Weems summer league play from Roundball Mining Company, the Denver Nuggets TrueHoop blog:

Sonny Weems – Based on the stats it looks like Weems is playing horribly, but he has shown flashes of very goodness. He is doing a great job of rebounding, averaging eight defensive rebounds a game, and pushing the ball back up the floor. In fact, he is doing a little too good of a job as he has pushed the bounds of being out of control. The result has been 4.5 turnovers a game. His athleticism and speed is off the charts and he is absolutely capable of getting his own shot. He has the ability to create space whether it is through contact or his footwork. So far his shot has not been falling, however, it is clear that the Nuggets want to see if he can carry the scoring load. If he proves he can it will make it easier for George Karl to start J.R. Smith knowing he has Weems ability to score available off the bench. Weems really reminds me a lot of a young(er) J.R. He is the best athlete on the floor and it is clear he can make exceptional plays. He does not have the passing ability of J.R., especially on the pick and roll, but he can use his talents to get his teammates easy shots. He also reminds me of J.R. on the defensive end. When he focuses on defense he shows an ability to be disruptive he just lacks consistency.

Not only does Weems sound like a potential rotation player for this year’s Bucks, but it sounds like yet another guy who can play in an uptempo system.  Are we seeing a pattern here?  This move could be a bad sign for the Charlie Bell’s and Bruce Bowen’s.  We all know Bowen is going to be gone by August 1, but Bell’s name hasn’t come up much in rumors.  It may begin to circulate a little more now.  Could the Heat rekindle the interest they had a few years ago?  Not likely, but I’d look for the Bucks to shop Bell around the rest of the summer.  Especially if the Bucks end up matching an offer for Sessions.

Ah, Ramon Sessions.  How does this deal impact him?  Well, probably not a lot.  Initially I thought this deal may have been designed to free up space to lock up Sessions without having to buy out Kurt Thomas, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.  Taking on Walter Sharpe’s guaranteed contract does not give Milwaukee any additional cap room.  And that’s all the Bucks are going to get out of Sharpe.  Word is that he’s got a torn ACL and won’t be playing basketball any time soon.

If the Bucks made this move to cut Sonny Weems they’ll be saving around 330k, as his contract is only partially guaranteed until August 15th, when it becomes fully guaranteed.  More likely, they’ll attempt to shop Bell now and garner savings on his deal if they’re really serious about having money to match a Sessions offer sheet and stay under the luxury tax AND be flexible for other deals.  The Knicks seem to be moving ever closer to offering their mid-level deal to Sessions, considering they have little of value to offer in a sign and trade deal.

Hold on tight, it should be an interesting week for Bucks fans.

UPDATE:  If this trade seems like it shouldn’t have happened, with regard to the CBA and players who were just traded being traded again with another player there is a reason why this one was okay.  We go to Roundball Mining Company again:

In conclusion, for those of you who love reading the Collective Bargaining Agreement you will wonder how Sharpe can be traded with Weems so soon after the Nuggets acquired him. The rule is a player cannot be traded with another player for two months after he is initially acquired via trade or signed off of waivers. The Nuggets and Bucks can get around this by using trade exceptions. Milwaukee apparently has a trade exception of $1.853 million and we all know about the Nuggets trade exceptions. Denver c an easily fit Allen in what remains of the Atkins exception and in return will receive two trade exceptions back from Milwaukee for $736,420, which will both be practically useless.

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  1. jonathan goldsberry

    with these fast and productive players all of these so old players need to go so this franchise can achieve something this year. if youre serious about moving forward hand the ball over to sessions and jenkins and let them do what they do best. which is run run run unitl you get a quality center in the fold stop half court sets til bogut can prove he is not a tender soft wannabe center. ive seen him back off of third string wannabes and that shouldnt be so its time to run and gun to the bucks best ability isnt the fast dutchman still sitting on the bench from ucla. lets get with it and start running plays for him. orlando ran plays for their seven foot center which cant even hit a jumper if his life depended on it. i want to be a fan but work with what you have a abundance of

  2. The Bucks will certainly be sporting a new style next year. Look back to Skiles early Bulls teams to see how they fared and played. Disciplined but up-tempo, like a reverse Trail Blazers. Andrew Bogut is a key though. When he’s on the court he’s one of the better defensive centers in the Eastern Conference. The Bucks are a completely different team when he’s out there to clog up the lane and control the glass, without him they will not be anywhere near as prolific defensively or as rebounders. He’ll make life much easier for Amir Johnson and now Hakim Warrick.