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Buck Hits: 8-13

| August 13, 2009

Category: The Off Season

  • Courtesy of bucks3BJ at RealGM here is the new Brandon Jennings Under Armour commercial.  I’m a fan.  How about the between the legs dunk at the end?  Is this actually possible for him to do?  I can’t wait to see the pregame dunk competitions between he and Joe Alexander.  It will harken back to the days of Marcus Hailslip and Darvin Ham.

  • From JSOnline, suspicions are running rampant that Kurt Thomas will be a Buck this year.  It’s long been assumed he’ll reach a buyout with the Bucks at some point to join a contending team.  One train of thought it that the Bucks are waiting until February to see if his value will balloon in the eyes of teams looking for dependable veterans in their big man rotations.  The idea then would be that Bucks GM John Hammond could swing a deal and net a little bit of value in return for Thomas rather than just saving a couple hundred thousand.  I’ll be glad to see him stick around for a while and go to work on the Bucks younger power forwards in practice.
    • You’ll be able to see the Bucks for the very first time this year October 17th at their pre-season Milwaukee home opener.  I looked at tickets and it’s almost sold out, so get cracking.  (Not really.)
    • John Hollinger (Insider) doesn’t rank the Bucks in the bottom group of the Eastern conference.  That’s a start.  He even mentioned in a chat today that the Bucks will be better than people think if they can bring back Ramon Sessions.  I’ve long suspected him of being a closet Bucks fan.  And by long I mean last season and so far this summer.  He seems to see things in a more positive light for them.

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    1. Kyle says:

      A Milwaukee Buck is the face of an emerging global brand. This will be a good thing for Milwaukee.

    2. Jeremy says:

      It’s step one in the grand plan the Bucks have to take back the NBA.