Buck Hits: 8-16

  • At long last, word on Michael Redd’s comeback from JSOnline.  Redd has yet to start playing basketball again, but is putting in a couple hours a day in rehab work and word from Bucks trainer Marc Boff is that he’ll be back 100%.  The Bucks season largely hinges on the health of Redd and Andrew Bogut, so it’s good to finally get some word on how he’s doing.  Typically something is better than nothing – even if something is just “I feel good.”
  • An update on the current economic climate for sports teams in Milwaukee from Don Walker of JSOnline.

As all three sports properties struggle for dollars, the Milwaukee Bucks, far more experienced and established at reaching out to corporate clients, are finding a challenging environment, said John Steinmiller, the basketball franchise’s vice president for business operations.

“We are working our way through it,” he said. “Even though we’re focusing a tremendous amount of time on renewals, we are looking for new business. We’re focused on providing added value.”

At Miller Park, the Milwaukee Brewers seem to be bucking economic trends. Sponsors have stuck with the baseball team and business is good, said Rick Schlesinger, the team’s executive vice president for business operations.

The difference between the Brewers and the Bucks?  Two important W’s: wins and weather.  It’s a lot easier to spend money if you’re going to leave the building satisfied and grill out for an hour or two before the game with your closest friends.  The Bucks are at a natural disadvantage there, but the wins fall squarely on their shoulders.  The inclination over the past decade or so has been to go for a quick fix and sign a couple guys to try and turn things around.  John Hammond’s plan is drastically different, but has a much higher ceiling.  It’ll never be nice from December to March, but they can always turn things around to bring everyone back.  Wins are the ultimate bail out for sports franchises.

  • More evidence that Brandon Jennings is a good thing for Milwaukee Bucks basketball, even if he’s on the south side of the line that indicates a positive connotation between a crossover move and relevance within the game, courtesy of FreeDarko.  Give it a year or two and I think we’ll find him in a more pleasant spot on this chart.

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  1. The Bucks would’ve had a nice cash flow from sponsors, had they kept Yi around. Good basketball decision, horrendous business decision.