Buck Hits: 8-19

  • A post summer league look at Roko Ukic from Raptors Republic.  It’s not pretty.  There’s talk of Smush Parker possibly being better than Ukic.  Yikes.
  • Frank at BrewHoop asks if a team makes a trade for players who don’t really matter, does it make a sound?  Frank points out that Delfino was discovered by the Pistons scouting team when Bucks GM John Hammond was in Detroit.
  • JSOnline reports that Carlos Delfino’s contract is around $3.5 million annually for three years, though his contract is said to be only partially guaranteed in year two and not guaranteed in year three.  Delfino will probably see minutes and the two and the three this year and could prove valuable when the Bucks want to go small and push Luc Richard Mbah a Moute to the four.  Delfino’s minutes are probably largely tied to the development of Joe Alexander.  If Alexander’s ready, Delfino sees fifteen minutes a night.  If Alexander isn’t ready, Delfino could be seeing as much as thirty minutes nightly next year.  With a partially guaranteed contract in an attractive market off-season in which the Bucks will be flush with cash, we’ll see if Delfino makes it back for year two though.
  • The additional salary and roster spots taken on in the Delfino trade seem to point Ramon Sessions to the exit door in Milwaukee barring another trade to shake up the Bucks roster.  And I guess we can’t really bar another trade yet.  John Hammond has been Active and you’ll notice I capitalized the A in active.  That’s to emphasize how Active he’s been this off-season.  So we’ll see if there are any other moves up the Bucks GM’s sleave.  But back to Sessions, Knicks blog Posting and Toasting writes  the Knicks may be Sessions only option at this point, aside from the cave in which he’s secluding himself.
  • Matt Moore from Hardwood Paroxysm is a little confused about just what the Bucks are doing these days.  Judging from the lemon face at the end, he’s not sold on the current plan.

Jennings is the future, but Bogut is the franchise, but Redd is the leader, but we’re building for the future, but Luke Ridnour has a chokehold on our point guard spot but Roko Ukic could be great with some time but we want to win now but we want to win a championship but we’re also filling in holes like with Warrick.

  • Video time.  A Brandon Jennings clip on how he feels about the high school players who have decided to follow his trail blazing path to Europe.  Jennings also addresses the perception that he’s too cocky on the court.

  • A friend of mine passed this along to me the other day.  I’ve seen it many times before and may have even posted it many moons ago, but I can’t resist.  When will the Bucks marketing team come to their senses and bring back this scoreboard clip that unified and electrified the masses in the Bradley Center?

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  1. not a big fan of the delfino trade. i didn’t get a chance to watch amir in summer league, but why give up your one pf who can bang a little? especially for delfino, an ok backup with the douchiest soul patch in the league. that video brings back good memories, but it reminds me of how much i miss big dog and his post-game interviews.

  2. The “Light It Up” video needs to be in a Hall of Fame somewhere. I’m not sure where, but it needs to live on in immortality.

  3. What’s funny is that video isn’t even my favorite Bucks “Light It Up” song. There’s one with Gadzuric that’s much more fun.

    As for Amir – I think he really must have made a bad impression between when he arrived and when he left. I’ve never seen a team do 180 so quickly on someone as the Bucks did on him. His summer league was truly forgettable.

  4. Please make your text larger on posts. It hurts my eyes every time I try to read your posts. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  5. I’ve noticed when I use internet explorer it’s big and when I use Mozilla it’s small. I don’t know why it’s small, but I’ll do my best to fix it!