Buck Hits: 8-24

We’ll start today with a word of the day.

Whips/Whippers: Has to do with dribbling ability and using it to embarrass an opponent, usually resulting in an easy basket but sometimes resulting in a dance move.  Most commonly used in sentences like, “Ridnour gave him the whippers and he didn’t want to see it,” or “Ridnour whipped him up nasty.”  I used Luke Ridnour as an example because he was actually never apart of a sentence in 2008-09 that involved him leaving someone in the dust due to his incredible handle, so I thought I’d be nice here.

  • JSOnline writes that Andrew Bogut is coming along slowly in his rehabilitation from the back injury that sidelined him for the last four months last year.  Bogut wants to be ready for training camp and while that would be nice it’s not totally necessary.  He’s been through it all before, so as long as he’s ready to go when the regular season opens, he should be able to contribute whatever he needs to.
  • Drew Olson plays the What If… game and wonders what would have been had Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd stayed healthy last year.
  • UPDATE:  Andrew Bogut with a new blog post regarding his off-season.  The post is long.  Very long.  Bogut talks about each of the new guys and is excited to play cards with Roko Ukic.  Good to see Ukic is already paying off!  Not really.

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