Buck Hits: 8-31

Summer is fading fast Bucks fans.  The Brewers have returned to their once predictable form and the temperature is rapidly dropping.  What does that mean?

It means people turn their attention to the Packers, because they’ve long forgotten about the Bucks.  Except for you Bucks fan.  You’re gearing up for the season and busting out of Brewer mode.  But as the off-season trickles to it’s end and the Bucks continue to wait out the Ramon Sessions situation, news has been slow.

Since I was lax in my Bucks link related efforts last week let us recap last weeks Journal-Sentinel basketball related pieces for starters:

  • The Bucks youngsters Brandon Jennings, Joe Alexander, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Jodie Meeks are among those getting in some early work in Milwaukee.  Culture change is the buzzword that is usually associated with young guys working together on traditionally bad teams with a positive outlook.  So here’s to the young guys facilitating a culture change in Milwaukee.
  • The Bucks officially open camp on September 29 and now have their first pre-season game on October 4 instead of the fifth as originally scheduled.  Naturally it’s Brett Favre’s fault.
  • The Bucks are going to have quite an international flavor this year.  That’s the kind of thing that happens when you make trades with Toronto, the NBA’s answer to a foreign exchange program.  New Buck Roko Ukic andkind of new Buck Ersan Ilyasova will be competing in EuroBasket 2009 starting September 2.  I’ll have more on that in the coming week as you’ll be able to watch EuroBasket on ESPN360.com if it’s available for you.  I’ll do my very best to keep those who aren’t watching updated on the play of the Bucks representatives.
  • Brandon Jennings wants to avoid the rookie wall this year and be ready for heavy minutes.  He says in the article he’s a bit weary of playing thirty minutes a night, but let’s hope he meant to say forty.  If he’s not playing thirty a night for most of the season I’ll be disappointed, results be damned.  Also in this article it’s mentioned that the Ramon Sessions situation is still wait and see.  Fun.
  • Michael Hunt on Luc Mbah a Moute’s circle coming together.  Mbah a Moute will be participating in Basketball Without Borders: Africa starting the second of September.  It was not too long ago he was on the other side of the whole thing.
  • Ever wonder who the Bucks D-League affiliate is and how they get their players?  Through send downs obviously, but how else do they fill out their roster?  Tryouts help.  The Fort Wayne Mad Ants are having tryouts in October.  The Mad Ants are the affiliate of the Pacers and Pistons in addition to the Bucks, so any players who make the team do not become Bucks property, but it’s still of note.  If anyone makes it they’ll likely be splitting time with a Buck or two, but hopefully not Jodie Meeks.

Today’s Word of the Day?  In honor of Ramon Sessions, I’ll clarify the NBA’s “mid-level exception”.

Mid-level exception: In a good basketball economy, the mid-level exception is the exorbitant amount of money spent on the Jerome James, Eddie Robinson, DeSegana Diop and a collection of other stiffs receive.  The deal must fall between one and five years and can be split between players if a team decides not to waste it’s money on one stiff.  The maximum amount a player can receive is the NBA’s average salary for that year, with eight percent raises for each of the following years.  Exceptions are exceptions because they’re used when teams are over the salary cap.  If you’re under the cap you don’t need an exception, you just use your cap room.

The simplest explanation of the mid-level is the amount of money people assumed Ramon Sessions would be able to get this summer before realizing the economy is still in the tank and no one wants to take on money before next year’s supposed free agent bonanza/salary cap apocalypse.  If you want a more thorough understanding of the mid-level and other exceptions click here and be ready to learn.

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