As the Ramon Sessions situation continues to drag on we continue to have more and more takes on it.  Examples:

  • The Clippers may be throwing their hat back into the ring to challenge all comers according to Gary Woelfel.
  • In Woelfel’s piece he mentions the Kings as being a potential newcomer in the game.  Cowbell Kingdom “doubts it.”
  • Knickerblogger thinks of the potential Sessions addition as the Thomas Jones to Chris Duhon’s Leon Washington.  At least I think that is who he means for each, as Jones is better than Washington and ditto Sessions to Duhon.  Though, Washington has effectively played the change of pace back role the last couple years, so maybe in terms of being young and talented and able to do some things better that would be Sessions.  Regardless, he has a nice rundown of the Knicks point guard targets.  I don’t think it’s much of a question about who the best player for them is, rather who will allow them the best chance at financially competing for stars next year.

Alas, we cannot allow Sessions and Mr. Chubby Wells to dominate all of our Milwaukee Bucks news.  Three other snippets:

  • This went down while I was still on vacation, so I didn’t link it or comment on it, but I’m not really sure how to take the news of Ulice Payne stepping down as chairman of the Bradley Center board.  Payne has been a proponent of renovations or blowing up and starting over with regard to the Bradley Center and has received little help.  We all know the future of the Bucks in Milwaukee  is directly tied to whether or not a new building appears or the Bradley Center magically transforms into a more profitable venue.  Payne’s departure may mean nothing or it may mean a lot, either way something has to be done with the BC in the next five years if Milwaukee expects to keep the Bucks post-Herb Kohl.  I’d love to know if Mr. Payne thinks the Bucks have much time left here.
  • 32-33 wins is to be expected this year for the Bucks according to Dime Magazine.  I’ll wait to see if Sessions will be back or not before I throw my prediction out there.
  • Charlie Bell is nicely filling up the space in the community that was opened up when Charlie Villanueva was not brought back.  Bell has long been the Bucks player rep and a leader on the team, and has stepped up his already active community profile.