My 2nd Favorite NBA Team

As a part of a feature for the ESPN NBA folks, the TrueHoop Network is doing a feature on our second favorite NBA teams.  Mine?

The Golden State Warriors.

What is it about the Warriors you ask?  Is it the Don Nelson Milwaukee connection?  Am I a glutton for Larry Harris related punishment?  Do I just love Anthony Morrow and his terrific three-point stroke?  No, there is much more to my fondness for GSW basketball beneath the chaos that reigns in the organization.

Rooting from afar for a second favorite NBA team has simple requirements.  The team must be entertaining.  Players must have more flair than Jennifer Anniston in Office Space.  Said team must have characters, not just character.  I like the Joe Smith’s of the world, but I need more flash out of my second favorite team.  Wins are not a requirement; I’m too busy living and dying over my favorite team’s record to worry about team two.

Is it any wonder that Golden State has won me over?  All of my requirements are met and exceeded by a team that makes me stay up way past my bedtime.  Sure, the franchise is a mess and the organization is more dysfunctional than an 80’s family sitcom, but look at that team.  Anthony Randolph is capable of anything on a basketball court.  Stephen Jackson has mastered awkward ugly dribbling and shoots with no conscience and even less accuracy.  Monta Ellis glides up and down the court with such grace that I assume he has wings on his feet.  And even better?  They added everyone’s favorite college gunner in Stephen Curry.

Curry is the guy who’ll keep me tuned in for the next few years.  When the Warriors lost Baron Davis, a little part of me died.  Davis was the absolute perfect point guard for the Warriors.  He had all of the necessary showmanship and swagger to be running a team of bandits.  Last year they were without a point guard, shoot first or pass first, in any sense of the word.  Monta Ellis was noble in his efforts, but just because a player is under 6’4, doesn’t mean he’s destined to run the show.  Many feel like Curry is not much different than Ellis, but I see more in him.  I see a Baron Davis like ability to run the show and take the shots.  Will it pan out?  Maybe or maybe not.  But I’m looking forward to watching to find out.

How is everyone’s second favorite NBA team even a question?

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