Buck Hits: 9-3

  • The Bucks are going to be on local television seventy more times than they’ll be on ESPN this season.  Seventy?  Really?  I mean, it’s cool that it’s not seventeen, but only seventy?  What is stopping FSN from showing every Bucks game?  Some games make a little bit of sense, a Monday night home game in April may be left out in case the Brewers have scheduling priority, but I’ve long noticed the habit of not broadcasting Sunday day games.  I’d like nothing more than kicking back on March 14 after a long night and watching the Bucks take on the Pacers from the comfort of my own home, but I won’t have that opportunity.  Instead, I’ll have to trudge out in the subzero March weather to see two teams that will likely not be playing for much.  Sure, they make a couple extra bucks in attendance maybe, but they lose the goodwill.
  • On Monday, I said Eurobasket 2009 starts on what would be yesterday.  That was incorrect.  It actually is on September 7.  Notable names: Szymon Szewczyk and Ersan Ilyasova.  Szewczyk was acquired on draft night in 2004 and has been slowly “developing” in Poland for the last five years.  Will he ever actually be a notable name for the Bucks?  Unlikely.  But he’s still Bucks property and therefore warrants mentioning.  Ilyasova is obviously the more noteworthy name.  One of the Bucks more significant off-season acquisitions, Ilyasova hasn’t been seen by Bucks fans since he was that scrawny foreign guy chucking and looking confused in 2006.  Word is he’s bulked up and is much more ready for the league.  For all your Eurobasket needs check out THN blog BallInEurope.
  • First real discussion of the possibility that Ramon Sessions calls it quits and returns to the Bucks at the discount bargain bin price of just over a million.
  • Bruce Bowen retires.  He can probably buy a few rocking chairs with the $2.1 million the Bucks gave him to go away.  It would have been terrific if Bowen would have hung it up before August 1 when the Bucks had to commit the $2 million or $4 million, but I can’t say I blame him.  He gets a nice bonus on the way out this way.
  • ESPN ranks the Eastern Conference, the Bucks fare predictably poor in this practice.  The Bucks come in fourteenth in the rankings put together by a panel of fifty-three.  The thoughts on the Bucks?

With questions about Michael Redd‘s knee, Andrew Bogut‘s back, Charlie Villanueva‘s replacement and the PG position, Milwaukee is one of the NBA’s true mystery teams. Could coach Scott Skiles lead the Bucks to a surprise playoff run? Could they fall apart and lose 60 games? As the saying goes, that’s why they play the games.

A pretty fair assessment overall.  The Bucks hopes rely largely on Bogut’s health, though I wouldn’t worry too much about whoever it is that ends up logging the majority of minutes at the four.  The combination of players they have their should make up most of Villanueva’s scoring and will more than outproduce his defense.

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  1. My man Jer, the Milwaukee Rebuilders shouldn’t even be on the telee. Why should anyone want to watch a team that is going no where but down, down, down.
    Now that Ramon Sessions has signed with the T Wolves all we have is the “I can play better if … blah blah blah” Andruu no show Bogart and “give me the ball more or I’ll cry” Michael ( I can’t make a clutch shot) Redd. But I can score when it does not matter.

    Besides, the two stooges we have for announcers should be doing high school games in Hayward Wisconsin. They, like the team suck.

  2. I’m sensing some negativity. Perhaps you’ll “buck” up once the season starts and the team is playing with energy and pep.