Buck Hits: 9-9

Time Warner Cable and I have had our ups and downs, but for the most part it’s a relationship that I’m compelled to keep alive.  I’d say we’re pretty serious and have long been on the verge of committing ’til death do us part style, but I just can’t give up my freedom until they make the move to bring me ESPN360.com.  How difficult is it for them to work out a deal?  Why can I not watch Eurobasket 2009?  Do I ask for that much from you TWC?

In lieu of me watching and reporting on how Ersan Ilyasova, Roko Ukic and Symon Szewczyk are doing overseas we’ll have to visit some other sources for complete Euro related coverage.

  • Source #1: Frank at BrewHoop enjoys the advantage of not living in the Milwaukee area, therefore he was able to catch Turkey’s first game on replay.  His report?  Ilyasova displayed versatility, in a positive way and not just as coach speak for “crappy”.  It’s hard to show much defense when you’re guarding players who have even less interest than you in banging around the hoop and doing much more than spotting up for jump shots, so we’re still not sure if Ilyasova will be providing much more than Charlie V. did at that end, but from the looks of things I’d say we’re getting a guy who’ll give at minimum 70% of Charlie V.’s production at roughly a quarter of the price.
  • Source #2: The Painted Area has as much about EuroBasket 2009 as you could ever want or need, and they do not fail to assess Ilyasova’s first day performance.

Ersan Ilyasova showed off some of the skills he flashed at the ’06 Worlds. Ilyasova hit some tough pull-ups starting in isolation, including a nice step-back 3pt to aid Hedo with 17 pts & 6 rebs. Ilyasova has nice one-on-one skills that can translate to the NBA. You combine these skills with his physical package and you understand why the Bucks want him back.

They have less invigorating praise for Roko Ukic.  He of the shaky jump  shot.  If you want to read into these two sentences as a true description of what Ukic could be bringing to the Bucks, you’d think of him as a point guard that can’t shoot, but may be able to effectively get into the lane to score.  Does that remind you of anyone?

Roko Ukic was the lone bright spot for Croatia’s offense in the 1st half hitting a variety of runners. Ukic couldn’t connect with his jumper (no surprise), but he did lead all Croatia scorers with 15 pts.

  • New York Times piece on Luc Richard Mbah a Moute’s time spent in the Basketball Without Border’s program last week in Africa.  Enough really cannot be said about how amazing it is that this young man has gone from one end of this spectrum to the other in less than six years.  Truly one of the more amazing stories in the NBA.
  • A piece about former Buck Bruce Bowen and retiring numbers.  I kid about the former Buck thing, but I’d like you to read this and keep it in mind for a week or so.  I guarantee there is a reason behind my madness.

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  1. I agree my man. TWC needs to give us some love and give us ESPN360.
    But you know what knobs they are, they took away ESPN Classic from the regular package and look how they played with the Big Ten network and the NFL network.
    I would enjoy watching some energetic basketball