Buck Hits: 10-27 And Your Starting PG Is …

Opening night we’ll see Brandon Jennings on the floor for the tip in his very first regular season NBA game.

Bucks fans everywhere can rejoice.

When Luke Ridnour is your favorite NBA team’s starting point guard, that just puts a damper on things right from the get go.  With Jennings starting there is at least the wow factor initially and the surprise factor that should last at least for the first half of the season.  Do we know where Jennings will take the Bucks?  No, but it’ll be exciting to find out.

I’d expect the rotation to play out something like this (at least after Carlos Delfino returns from  his one game suspension on Friday):

Starting Five:

Jennings-Michael Redd-Carlos Delfino-Kurt Thomas-Andrew Bogut

The Bench:

Hakim Warrick, Ridnour, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Charlie Bell.

The Bucks (kind of) have the guns to go a little deeper into their bench, but often times teams don’t like to do that.  It upsets rhythms, gets guys cold and all sorts of other things supposedly.  I doubt we’ll see a lot of consistency with regard to a rotation in the first month or so though.  Coach Skiles will likely want to ride hot hands and try and let things figure themselves out before he leaves anyone out of the picture for an extended period of time.  Even Roko Ukic might get in on the action, offense be damned.

  • Walter Sharpe certainly won’t be getting in on that action though as he was cut Monday.  Sharpe’s $737,00 guaranteed contract will still be payed, but he won’t be playing basketball this year after tearing his ACL over the summer.  He was never in the Bucks plans and was merely a salary cap consideration in the deal to unload Malik Allen.
  • I never got the chance to link this, but I thought I’d drop it in now.  Hakim Warrick is growing on people.  Personally, I couldn’t believe how good Warrick looked in the two games I saw this pre-season.  He was focused, determined, mean and athletic as hell.  Warrick dunked every time he had the chance and when he didn’t he would often end up with a nice layup.  His mid range and out game needs some work, but it’s much better than I remember it being in college.  I never saw him with the Grizzlies (you know, because they are the Grizzlies) but he was certainly the talk of the Bucks pre-season.  If things go right Warrick could steal a few 6th Man of the Year votes.

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  1. Delfeezy fought Austin Daye in a pre-season game a few weeks back.

    I know.

    LRMAM is so versatile that he provides extra value off the bench. He can play anywhere from the two to the three to the four, though he’s not really offensively suited for the two. It’s possible Skiles will stick with him in the starting lineup though to give some offensive punch to the second unit with Delfino.