First off, an addition to the glossary from today’s earlier post.  Pace factor is going to be a key for the Bucks this year and I am going to be keeping my eye on it and bringing it up constantly.  Get to know it.

  • The Sporting News has been counting backwards in a power poll to start the season.  The Bucks rank 24.  The always great Bethlehem Shoals is underwhelmed by the Bucks right now though.
  • JSOnline reports that Ramon Sessions facing the Bucks was not exactly like Brett Favre facing the Packers.  A mildly intriguing Scott Skiles quote in the article though:

“There’s an art to figuring it out, and it’s a very iffy business,” Bucks coach Scott Skiles said. “Sometimes guys continue to grow and grow and grow; other guys don’t. It’s very hard to project that.

So it kind of seems like maybe Skiles and John Hammond have a hunch that Ramon will not be one of those guys who continues to grow.

  • In a notes package, Andrew Bogut speaks about getting through 82 games this year.  If he can do that it will go a long way towards getting the Bucks back to respectable.  Of course, it was only a week or two ago that Bogut was saying he’ll have to deal with back problems for probably the rest of his career, so I say we take things a day at a time ‘Drew.
  • Alex over at BrewHoop checked out the Bucks open practice on Saturday.  I was unable to attend (damn real job) but he does a terrific job breaking it down.  Judging from the picture it looked like at least 15 people attended, so things are looking strong for the Bucks early season attendance.
  • At Bucks Diary, Ty does a great job of analyzing the Bucks as defenders using the actual numbers.  Some surprising numbers too.  Would you have guessed that Charlie Bell was the worst Bucks defender last year?