Exhibition The Seventh: Bobcats 94 – Bucks 87

The upside of Tuesday’s exhibition loss is that it was (judging from the box score at least, as that’s all I have to go on with a lack or television or radio coverage) further from a regular season game than you’d think, considering we’re only nine days from the opener. 

Hakim Warrick: five minutes, much less than he’ll see during any game this season I’d expect.  Roko Ukic: 18 minutes, much more than he should be expecting once the word exhibition is replaced with the word regular in the aforementioned nine days.  Michael Redd: 25 minutes, about ten less than he can count on.

Yes, this is my lame attempt to write off a sloppy exhibition loss to a team that has been as bad as the Bucks since their conception in 2004.  Yes, if this were the regular season this would be one of the road games that would absolutely need to be won.  And yes, it’s hard to completely write this off as a battle of Bucks reserves versus Bobcats starters when Andrew Bogut played more minutes than he had all pre-season.

So after four straight outings that ranged from relatively positive to genuinely exciting, Tuesday was fairly disappointing.

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