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Award number one: Jennings wins Player of the Week

| November 16, 2009

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After an incredible week capped off with a 55 point effort on Saturday, Brandon Jennings has been named the NBA’s Eastern Conference player of the week.  This is not a rookie award, this is a WHOLE CONFERENCE award.

Again, Jennings has played 7 games.

The last Buck to win a player of the week award was Michael Redd (December 25, 2006 through January 1, 2007).

Saturday’s performance also marked Jennings becoming the youngest player in NBA history to score 50-plus points as he was 20 years and 52 days old and LeBron James was 20 years and 80 days old when he accomplished it on March 20, 2005. Jennings’ 45 second-half points were the most in a half since Kobe Bryant tallied 55 on January 22, 2006. By recording 30-plus points in consecutive games (he had 32 against Denver), Jennings is the first Bucks rookie since Glenn Robinson in 1995 to have back-to-back 30-plus point nights.

You may remember Glenn Robinson as a polished and proven rookie when he came into the league.  Bucks fans knew what they had in Big Dog.  We’re still learning about what we have in Brandon Jennings.  Is there anything more terrifying for the rest of the league than the fact that Jennings is just getting started?  This guy has a lot to learn and a ton of room to grow … and he’s already won a player of the week award and scored 55 points!

Jennings averaged 43.5 points, 7.0 assists and 4.5 rebounds in roughly 39 minutes per game in helping the Bucks to a 2-0 record. He shot 60% from the field, 90% from three point range and 87.5% from the line in two games.  60/90/87.5.  Those are numbers even Steve Nash dreams about (though to be fair, Nash probably put up similar percentages every few weeks in his MVP season’s.  So he does more than dream about them.  Still good numbers though).

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hey Jeremy, I’m a Mavs fan (and occasional columnist, for the examiner.com). Just wanted to say, saw you on the Dime chat during the Bucks-Mavs game, and I really appreciated how classy you were. More folks should just be basketball fans–hard as it is when your team is involved…

  2. Jeremy says:

    Andrew – Always appreciate the kind words. Thanks a ton.