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Injury Update: Bogut out 2-4 weeks

| November 19, 2009

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Just when Bucks fans think things are finally starting to go their way?

Bucks General Manager John Hammond announced today that Andrew Bogut (7-0, 260) suffered a lower left leg strain and contusion in Wednesday’s 99-85 win against New Jersey that is expected to sideline the fifth-year center for two-to-four weeks.

Bogut had said after the game Wednesday he suffered a shin contusion, but wrote it off as insignificant.  Apparently that was an optimistic view.

So where does this leave the Bucks?

In some trouble.  The likely beneficiaries of Bogut’s minutes will be Kurt Thomas, Dan Gadzuric and possibly Francisco Elson likely in that order.  All three of them are more cut out for part-time duty.  Gadzuric currently leads the trio in minutes, averaging just under ten per game.  Thomas has only played in five of the Bucks nine games and Elson suited up for the first time Wednesday night.

I’ll have more on how this affects the Bucks in my Bucks-Bobcats game preview.

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  1. Milwaukee_Buck says:

    Oh no…Redd and Bogut injuries are a Bucks Fan’s worst nightmare for this season, please let them come back healthy.

  2. Jon says:

    This sucks. Every year there has been a problem with Bogut. I literally cringe every time he goes to the ground. The Bucks might be able to play well without Redd, but Bogut is a different story.

  3. splasm says:

    Ouch. It’s times like these you can’t help but wish we had taken Lopez in place of he who shall remain nameless. (“We have an option? How about ‘No’?”) But it’s not a useful train of thought, I know.

    Here’s hoping it’s closer to 2 weeks than it is to 4.

  4. Jeremy says:

    The sooner Bogut is back the sooner we can all breathe a sigh of relief. All the Bucks need to do is go .500 in his absence and we’ll all feel silly for being so worried. It won’t be that easy though.

    The recurring injuries to Redd and a lesser extent Bogut have long been troubling. Bogut’s injury seems more like a fluke thing rather than a case of him being fragile though. It’s just frustrating to have all of our collective hopes up high only to have something like this happen. Such is the life of a sports fan in a small market though I guess.