Redd Out Two Weeks

Fortunately we can look at this for two weeks.  (Hat tip: Henry Abbott)

(I could listen to Johnny Mac’s hooting and hollering about this one for a couple weeks no problem.)

From’s Chris Sheridan:

Michael Redd of the Milwaukee Bucks will miss at least two weeks after experiencing soreness in his surgically repaired left knee, a source told on Monday.

Obviously, this is not good news.  I figured after the game that Redd would be out more than just a day or two, given that’s typically the way the Bucks describe every injury, whether it’s swelling of a wrist or decapitation of a head.  Bucks fans have been hoping against hope that Redd would be able to make it through this season unscathed, but apparently that will not be the case.  Whether the Bucks can weather this injury better than they have in the past remains to be seen.

Charlie Bell will likely receive the majority of the playing time in Redd’s stead.  Bell has hit 3-6 from behind the arc thus far and with numerous inexperienced, up-tempo teams coming into town in the next couple weeks could provide adequate support in the starting lineup.  But who takes Bell’s place in the Bucks second unit?

That responsibility will likely fall on either Roko Ukic or Jodie Meeks. Ukic saw considerably more playing time in the pre-season, especially near the end, than Meeks did and he’s the more likely candidate at this point in time.  The problem with that?  Roko Ukic is not a good shooter.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  Just because he’s European does not mean he can shoot.  There is absolutely no evidence that has EVER suggested Roko Ukic is even a capable shooter from three point range.  Ukic is a good defender and possibly a capable slasher, but by no means will he be able to fill the “designated shooter” role on the second unit.  If the Bucks are looking for an offensively capable payer to take Bell’s second unit minutes, Ukic is not the way to go.

But we know where Scott Skiles heart is.  We know about his love of defense and toughness, and for that reason alone it would not be surprising to me to see Ukic get the minutes that have opened up with Redd out.  There is also the luxury of Brad…Brandon Jennings the scoring threat.  No one was sure what to make of Jennings before the year started, but he certainly has seemed like a much more capable scorer than I’m sure even Skiles would have suspected.  His unexpected offensive punch may prove to allow for one more defense only guy out on the court.

But if the Bucks are looking for any additional fire power now that they’ve lost someone they expected to be their leading scorer coming into the year, this might be Jodie Meeks big break.

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  1. I would think that Delfino also sees some time there, depending on match-ups. For example, I can’t see Skiles throwing Meeks in vs the Bulls tomorrow night. Against the T-Wolves or Knicks maybe.