A Recrap: Spurs A Lot – Bucks A Little

(Bad game gets a bad recap from me.  Typically strong work is being done elsewhere though.  I instead chose to take a look at the current big picture situation for the Bucks, here.)

Here’s my take of the Bucks-Spurs game:

  • Final score: Spurs 112 – Bucks 97
  • Everything the Spurs do well, they did well.  The Bucks had no answers for any of the Spurs strengths.  Marcus Haislip hit a three by the way.  He also blocked a shot.
  • The Bucks were unable to connect on many shots in the paint and allowed the Spurs to connect on virtually EVERY shot in the paint.
  • This was essentially a repeat of the Wizards game except it was over much, much quicker.
  • Luc Richard Mbah a Moute didn’t play in the first half, even though the Bucks were getting manhandled.

Scott Skiles take on getting the Bucks mindset back confident:

This close after a loss?  To be honest (Charles) I don’t have any idea.  I don’t have one clue.

No one does.

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