Bucks Lose More Than A Game To Lakers: Lakers 95 – Bucks 77

It’s hard to even be concerned about a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on the road.  That talent disparity is too great and the road troubles too significant for the current version of the Milwaukee Bucks.

But it isn’t hard to be concerned about another knee injury to Michael Redd.

Either on his jump or on his landing on what looked to be a shot attempted but ended up as a pass in the second quarter, Redd went down and didn’t come back up.  The left knee is the same knee he tore his ACL and MCL in last January and gave him soreness earlier this year that required some time off.  Whether this is as serious as the latter or another patella strain remains to be seen, but it’s generally not a good sign when a player needs to be helped back to the locker room as Redd did.

So, What Does This Mean?

A few things.  For starters, I’d expect to see Charlie Bell back in the starting line-up Monday night against Phoenix.  Bell’s minutes have been on a roller coaster ride since Redd returned, some DNP-CD’s, a few single digit minute games and then games in which he’s play nearly the entire second half after not playing in the first.  Fortunately, Bell is the type of player to always keep himself ready, so he’s handled the rocky minutes fairly well.

Whether he can be a reliable starting shooting guard is another story.  While Bell does excel at catch and shoot three’s, he generally does everything else poorly on offense.  He cannot attack with success, he often gets caught up in pump fakes that do not open up space for him and if he puts the ball on the ground at all before shooting it’s safe to assume it won’t be going in.  His defense is largely what has got him in games before, but it’s difficult for him to make a major impact guarding player three and four inches taller and 20 pounds heavier.  In short, he’s not an ideal starting shooting guard.

What About Jodie Meeks?

Jodie Meeks is getting more lives than a cat this season.  Meeks has shown quick flashes of shooting touch and athleticism in a few games, but then typically responded with three or four bad games in a row if he was given any real opportunity with regard to minutes.  Even worse, his better games have all come in blowouts, rendering them nearly meaningless.  If Redd didn’t go down, it’s hard to envision a situation where Meeks would ever get serious minutes again this year.

Alas, Redd’s down and Meeks performed well in Sunday’s blowout loss to the Lakers.  The one thing that Meeks has struggled with more than anything else has been his three-point shooting.  As Frank from BrewHoop pointed out in his recap of the Laker game, Meeks is 2-23 on the road from behind the arc.  His athleticism and defense have looked to be on an NBA level, something that cannot be said about all Bucks players, but a team like Milwaukee simply cannot give large helpings of minutes to a shooting guard that can’t hit a three-point shot, especially next to someone like Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. If Meeks wants to take advantage of this opportunity he’ll likely be given, the three’s must start falling.

Will This Mean More Delfino?

Well, I sure hope not.  I don’t even understand what’s going on with Carlos Delfino on the court at this point.  He’s just not very good at much.  Delfino seems to have the idea that he can create and can play point guard for stretches, but he can’t.  When he takes the rebound and decides to bring it up himself rather than just hand it off to whichever point guard is on the court, I want to stop watching basketball.  He’s that guy on your team who’s obsessed with bringing the ball up the court and seeing whether or not he likes anything HE sees before he gives it up like he’s supposed to.  I’ve always hated playing with guys like that and I’m not even good at basketball.  I can only imagine how frustrating it is for Bucks guards to play with this guy.

Ideally Delfino would just sprint down the court and stand in the corner waiting for a kickout to shoot a three.  You know, because he’s a shooter.  What’s that you say?  He’s shooting less than 32 percent on three’s?  Who ever could have seen this coming?  What’s that?  Everyone?

Oh yeah, that’s right.

In short, let’s just hope this whole thing doesn’t result in a whole lot more Delfino.

Who Could Get Minutes If Not Delfino?

I don’t even remember what music played when Joe Alexander scored at the BC last year, but whatever it was, cue it up.  This could be just the opportunity Alexander needed to jump-start his career.  I hesitate to write this because I know there were opportunities available for Joe last year and either he still wasn’t given chances or he just didn’t make the most of them.  With another year of maturation, it’s possible he’s more ready to take advantage of this opportunity, but who really knows.  It’s a positive sign that Alexander traveled out West with the team, so he could be ready to go any time this week for all we know and this could spur his return.  After all, he can attack the rim and get to the free throw line and does posses athleticism that seems to make him a logical on-court partner for Brandon Jennings.

Whether or not the Bucks really want to “See Joe Dunk” is another story.  He doesn’t have a contract for next year, there have been trade talks since virtually last January about him and there have been so many rumblings about why he hasn’t gotten a shot a minor earthquake could be recorded.  It probably would benefit Milwaukee to let Alexander get some run and see if he can at least be tagged a semi-attractive prospect for trade talks the rest of the way though.  They’d be well served to get something, something maybe meaning the opportunity to dump Dan Gadzuric’s contract, rather than nothing for Alexander if he proves capable.

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  1. Jeremey you don’t seem to be to fond of Jennings. You ride him pretty hard. This team isn’t his so don’t put the winning & losing on him now. Also the statement about you not being a good player showed to me in some of your assesments. This site is very pro Skiles. I blame the staff for allowing Redd to get hurt again. He wasn’t fit to be back or playing. Secretly I think both you & Skiles are mad that Jennings is starting over SUPER LUKE. The R.O.Y. is out of the question so we might as well make Brandon the focal point again. I promise he & everybody else will give Robo Skiles all the credit. Also it was a great draft pick on both Alexander an Meeks. They were both drafted on potential alone . I like the fact you left my past arguments alone. Which means they’re some truth to them & it’s left you speechless.

    I wish you would have gotten a chance to be a better basketball. Either you have more respect for the ones that have excelled or understand a special talent when you have one. Why is Sacramento thriving right know. They’ve acknowledged what they have & moved the team in a young direction. Watching Bucks basketball has become boring & unwatchable. Also the problem with your job is you’re not allowed to be critical of the coach or staff. Which means you cannot give a true & complete assesment of the league. I enjoy some of your writing & analysis of the team. I just wish for Brandon’s & the Miluakee sake something is done to benefit all. Winning & happiness is contagious. You can tell Skiles takes his job to serious. Remember basketball is a game where you’re supposed to have fun. Try starting Luke over Brandon & I’m sure you guys would get blown out. Luke Ridnour is a poor man Kirk Hinrich at best.

    Playing basketball & being really good at the game are 2 totally different things. Let’s imagine I made you commisioner of the league or gave you a GM,Scout,Coaching or Player Development job. How good do you think you’d be? To me that is the biggest problem in the league. People who’s opinions matter the most or could implement change. Who have no idea what it takes to win or become successful in this league. Delfino brings up the ball FYI because he knows he doesn’t have long on the court & tries to make something happens before he’s yanked out. Ridnour looks good and plays w/ no pressure because Skiles lets him do him. Brandon knows everything he does gets critiqued or dissected. You even see highlights from the 55 point game which seems so distant & lucky. He kept saying my bad & sorry to his MIlitary stlye coach. Seriously you think Skiles could coach Lebron James or Chris Paul? I don’t thinks so.

  2. I’ll just say that you won’t find many people in Milwaukee that don’t work for the Milwaukee Bucks or know him personally that are more in Jennings corner than I and leave it at that.

  3. Jeremy don’t take it personal man. We’ll thats good to know. I wish you & the team much success in the future. I write to see your opinion & give mines as well. I’ll stop as it seems you view it all negative & feel offended by my words. Man I wish I didn’t love or play the game in the 1st place. You sometimes get to involved when you see somthing wrong & speak on it. Again it’s just my opinions. Get well Mr.Redd ask or demand a trade to Phx or Den if you’d like to get Healthy. It would do both Mil & the team that gets you healthy good. You still have some years left just look at Grant HIll. While all the fans were mad at Grant it was Orlando’s staff,mgmt,& coaching who robbed us of one of our Greats. I’ve seen Brandon up close personal & know how good/special he could become. He has no ceiling as he’s a great listener & pushes to be better every day. Remember it wasn’t his fault he had to play in Europe. Sorry the 55 came of to brash. He hit the league running & has seemed to be either halted in by coaching or hampered by that knee. Could be somewhere in the middle. Peace out Buckstball. BJ hopefully I’ll see the real you in the Rook/Soph & even better yet in the summer. Along with Nate Rob,Gilbert,Chandler,RonRon,Nashy, & all the other pros who genuinely love the games & the real fans who follow them from high school on up & give back. Jeremey you guys don’t know how lucky you are to have a great person & even better player. A little of it comes from jealousy my team didn’t get him. Nothing personal & it comes from a good place. If that was going to be your reply. I would have rather you not. You felt compelled to answer me back due to my comment. It was taken out of context. My apologies

  4. By next December let’s hope I’ve improved from my current state of horrific to a more acceptable one of bad.

  5. why are you so angry that Delfino brings the ball up the court? Not every offensive series needs to be run the by point guard. Lebron brings the ball up. As a PF/4 ive brought the ball up the court. who cares, maybe it will cause a defender to lose Jennings once in a while, yea i agree the Delfino isnt the answer at SF/SG, but take it easy