Fun With Numbers: Bucks 98 – Nets 76

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The Bucks beat a bad team on the road.  Of course, by bad I mean “historically awful”.  I wasn’t able to catch much of it thanks to a lagging internet and poor sleep schedule, so I won’t pretend like I’m going to be able to properly break down the fine points of the game.

Instead, let’s look at some numbers.

Jennings Fade

1-0: Bucks record when Brandon Jennings has a high-top fade.

4-4: Carlos Delfino’s makes and attempts at the rim on Tuesday night.  The last time he made at least three field goals at the rim?  December 19th against Sacramento.  His last good game before Tuesday night?  December 19th against Sacramento.  It’s not rocket science.  When Delfino is attacking and not planting himself in the corner missing open three’s, he can apparently be somewhat useful.

10-1: The Bucks record when Andrew Bogut scores 17 or more points.  The moral of the story?  Keep Bogut focused and active and get him the ball.  I think Bogut will get better as the year goes on, despite his propensity for occasionally disappearing and reliance on a semi-flaky finesse game.  He’s only shooting 40 percent inside ten feet, down from 51 percent last year.  History says he’ll likely improve, which would result in better numbers and a more potent Bucks offense.

3.44: “Defensive Plays” per game for Bogut.  A “Defensive Play” is either a block, steal or charge drawn.  Bogut ranks third in the league amongst Centers behind Marcus Camby and Dwight Howard.

11-6 vs. 3-12: The Bucks record’s when they keep opponents under 100 points or allow more than 100 points.  In eight of the Bucks last nine wins they’ve held their opponent to less than 100 points.  At this juncture, it’s clear for the Bucks to have a real shot at winning, they have to keep the score low, not by walking the ball up or playing slow, but by playing Scott Skiles quality defense.

8: Consecutive games lost by Portland, Golden State and Utah combined.  On the Bucks frightening trip out West next week they’ll meet these three Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  If the Bucks beat Chicago on Friday they’ll be 15-18 heading into their toughest road stretch of the year.  With the way those three teams are playing the Bucks may have a legit opportunity to steal two of those games.  Two wins on a six game swing to the West may not sound like a success, but it would be in my book.

31-19: Combined home records of the three teams I just mentioned.  This is why two wins would suffice.

1: Road wins in December against six losses for the Bucks.

1: Road wins in January for the Bucks.  December was not a good month.

7-30: Hakim Warrick’s makes and attempts over the last month from 16-23 feet.  For those of you who have been complaining that Hakim Warrick can’t shoot a jumper, you’re right.  Yet he continues to fire up the jumpers with reckless abandon.  That’s 14 games worth of data and he’s averaging over two attempts from that range per game, with an accuracy of less than 25 percent.

-7.1: Net negative when comparing the collective PER’s of Bucks shooting guards and small forwards to their opponents.  Essentially, the PER’s of all Bucks swingmen is seven points lower than that of their opponents.  Some of this is offset by Luc Richard Mbah a Moute’s incredible production on the defensive end, but not all of it.  The bottom line remains, if the Bucks want to get to the playoffs they’ll simply have to get more out of those two positions on a nightly basis.  Whether it’s Michael Redd or someone else, the Bucks badly need some kind of production from their wings.

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  1. Solutions to the “lack of wing production” problem:

    Wesley Johnson
    Xavier Henry
    Evan Turner
    Willie Warren
    Devin Ebanks
    DeSean Butler
    James Anderson

  2. Wow! Superb performance from Carlos. Please check out my match report.

    I love it when Delfino comes out with such high energy performance as he did against the Nets. Been a while since we’ve all seen him playing this good. I was hoping to see him being the Buck’s version of Manu Ginobili. And he can do be that player provided if he shoots better. If that’s happen then surely we can see something good for the Bucks this season.

    Much more so, he is has the complete package. Even on a day when he doesn’t get plenty of baskets, we can ignore his other assets such defense and team work. I’m sure that’s the real reason why Milwaukee aquired him.

    I just hope his stays with the Bucks will last long as compared to his previous NBA stint with the Pistons and Raptors.