Silenced: No More Tweets for Jennings

Brandon Jennings has long been the most active and open member of the Milwaukee Bucks Tweeting community.

No more.

After exchanging trash talk with a Jordan Farmar impostor and dealing with fans on a daily basis who seemed to serve no purpose other than to try and attempt to rile up celebrities and sports stars, Jennings has deleted his Twitter account.  This is actually the second time Jennings has jumped off Twitter.  He first suspended his account before the season after the “Joe Budden Incident” where the not-so-good rapper recorded Jennings talking tough and put it on Youtube.

There will be no more pictures of seafood, no more first looks at hair-do’s and no more fines for post game Tweeting.  We bid you farewell (again) from the popular social network site Brandon.

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  1. he’ll be back, he said hes gonna creat another twitter account, but this time just add 150 people to follow him.

  2. Aditya – I’ve encountered Jennings numerous times and I don’t see him as arrogant. When I think arrogant, I think someone who has a sense of entitlement and I don’t get that from Jennings. He works very hard and has the confidence of a young man who’s worked hard to get to the level he’s at, which is a very high level. Confidence is important for anyone who wants to play in the NBA and he’s not short in supply.

  3. I dont know about the whole Jennings twitter thing, but the Joe Budden is actually a VERY GOOD rapper. I guess since he doesnt have a dance or actually has coherent lyrics that most people would dismiss him. I will say he isnt a great “beat” picker, but google his lyrics and tell me he isnt better than 95% of so called rap stars. ALSO B JENNINGS HAIR IS DOPE!

  4. You jackass’s he wasn’t criticizing his rapping with the not-so-good comment he was having a go at his public persona, as if to say he hasn’t exactly kept his nose clean….As for Mr Jennings he isn’t arrogant he knows hard work sitting on the pine in Italy when your supposed to be a difference making import will humble anybody. He is confident and but knows his feet need to be placed firmly on the ground. As for his tweets probably a good thing may he can get in the gym and spend a few more hours working on his game. As far as i’m concerned he is it in milwaukee….

  5. Wow, seems to me a lot of people are jel-ous…….because your pay roll isn’t 1.2 a year. I would be on top of the world too. Plus he’s only 20, so be easy people.