Ukic A Buck No More

UPDATE:  Roko is heading to Turkey according to ShamSports Twitter account and Brandon Jennings.

The Bucks have requested waivers on Roko Ukic, apparently on his own request.  The release from the Milwaukee Bucks:

The Milwaukee Bucks have requested waivers on guard Roko Ukic (6-5, 190), General Manager John Hammond announced today.  Ukic requested to have his contract voided by Milwaukee, removing any further obligation by the Bucks for the remainder of his contract.

“Roko asked to be released from his contract in order to pursue other playing opportunities,” said Hammond.  “We appreciate his hard work and professionalism while with the Bucks and wish him well in his career.”

Wow.  I suspect if Roko is willing to forgo the remaining dollars on his contract that he’ll shortly land a deal in Europe.  He was fairly effective in the EuroCup over the summer, but never had a spot in the Bucks rotation.  His one shining moment came in a 17-point outburst against his former teammates in a home game against the Toronto Raptors.

Scott Skiles said after the game he may have waited too long to give Ukic an opportunity and hinted more may be forthcoming.  Alas, reality returned in the Bucks next game against Portland and Ukic played a largely ineffective six minutes.  He was caught up in a numbers game and nothing special in his short stints he did see on the court.  So my money says Ukic heads back to Europe, never to be heard from again.

He must really really want to play somewhere though, as he’s giving up roughly 900 thousand dollars this year and 1.45 million dollars next year, as he had a player option.  I can’t remember the last time a player walked away from that kind of money with 50 games left in the season.  And I ESPECIALLY can’t remember a player as average (or below average) as Ukic ever walking away from guaranteed money by essentially opting out of his player option a year before it was due up.  The Bucks will end up saving around $2.3 million thanks to Ukic’s desire to just play basketball.  Kudos to him for not worrying about the money and consider this a break for the Bucks.

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  1. Michael Aligheri

    Apparently you don’t grasp how much players in Europe make these days. He already has a deal with Fener that is worth the entire NBA mid-level exception.

  2. Michael – That’s a good point, he probably will make more in Europe and seeing as he’s from Europe, may enjoy it more. But there’s also no guarantee he’ll consistently get paid in Europe. I don’t know about this team he’s going to, but I know a lot of players have problems getting checks on time.

    Jason – Yes, yes it is. Couldn’t be looking much worse right now.

  3. Fenerbahce is the leading club of Turkey and Europe having no financial problem. The team lead by a famous Sirbian coach, Bogdan Tanjevic (Turkish National Team coach as well). It will be a good restart for Ukiç to come back.

  4. Noyan – Thanks for the information! Good to hear Roko is going to a better situation. He was very good in the EuroCup and should have success there I’d imagine.