Buck Hits and a Prevew: 2-10-10

Milwaukee headed towards New Jersey last night for their last game before the all-star break.  New Jersey, as you already know, is the worst team in the NBA and could possibly go down as the worst team of all time, their record currently sitting at 4-47.  Former Badger Devin Harris didn’t play in Tuesday’s game against Cleveland and may return against the Bucks, but sitting him through the all-star break seems logical.

The thought of the Nets once again sans D-Ha sounds good to me.  Good enough that I’d expect it to be just the medicine the Bucks need after a very disappointing home loss against Detroit on Tuesday night.

  • Chris Douglas-Roberts, he of the 31 and 10 line in Milwaukee earlier this year, after last night’s game from ESPN.com:

“You get surprised a lot in the league. It is what it is,” Douglas-Roberts said. “Things don’t work out all the time. I guess I’m out of the rotation.”

Douglas-Roberts doesn’t plan on discussing the situation with Vandeweghe.

“Absolutely not. I don’t think talks really do anything,” he said. “I’ve probably had the most talks with him on the team. But they don’t do nothing.”

So, no D-Ha, probably no CD-R and an organization recently thrust even further into turmoil?  I like the Bucks odds a lot.  I’m saying 104-95 Milwaukee.  Check out previews at BrewHoop and Nets Are Scorching

Other Notes

  • Hakim Warrick in three words: shy, dunk, Playstation.  Jodie Meeks in three words: rookie, cliche, Kentucky.  Aron Phillips at Dime has the goods on them both.
  • The Cavs don’t want to part with J.J. Hickson and that may leave the Pacers to pursue other options with Troy Murphy. Could the Bucks be an option?  Word is they are in talks.  I’m not sure how serious it is right now, but things could heat up before next Thursday’s trade deadline.  From Brian Winhorst at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

The Pacers, a source said, are also in talks with the Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings involving Murphy and both teams can offer expiring contracts.

  • Andrew Bogut is approaching some milestones as an Australian.  More on this in the coming weeks.
  • Tom Enlund has an update on Joe Alexander’s D-League progress.
  • Paul Swaney of StadiumJourney.com recently visited the Bradley Center and made a poor food decision.

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