Report: Bucks Get John Salmons for Warrick and Alexander

The Bucks have made a trade. Details have not been finalized and the two players the Bucks give up could end up being HakimWarrick and Joe Alexander, but here was the initial report.

From ESPN TrueHoop:

The Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks were nearing completion of the John Salmons trade Thursday morning. However, although the early word last night was that the Bucks would send Kurt Thomas and Francisco Elson to the Bulls, sources close to the process told this morning that there is a “90 percent chance” Milwaukee sends Chicago Joe Alexander and Hakim Warrick instead.

JSOnline is reporting it is indeed Warrick and Alexander.

The financial implications are as such:  The combined salaries of Warrick and Alexander ($5,583,360) leave the Bucks on the hook for just $253,646 additional dollars in salary this year, as Salmons contracted called for $6,421,151 (Salmons’ deal – combined money going out, divided by the remaining games left is the math there).

Salmons will have one year left on his contract after this season at 5,808,000, while the now former Bucks Warrick and Alexander are expiring contracts.

***All salary information from;_ylt=AuuXc0MjidL0hS9JFLZ7l4O8vLYF?slug=ys-salmonsbucks&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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  1. This works for me. Thomas and Ellison basically were just taking up space, anyway. I imagine that there were will another move to fill the open roster spot?

  2. Elson, not Ellison. (I was thinking of Purvis — a guy who actually could play.)

    But now I’m reading that it’s going to be Warrick and Alexander for Salmons?

  3. I can’t express how happy I am with the Bucks for making this trade. GREAT TRADE!

    Warrick and Elson, Warrick and Alexander, and K Thomas and Elson have all been rumored to be the pieces to get this done, but I’m sure that is pending another teams liking (such as which pieces a team like Indiana would like to have in a trade for Troy Murphy).

    Five Reasons:
    1) This season: Bulls weakened, Bucks strengthen
    2) Next season: Redd, Gadz, and Salmons are $30+ million in expiring contracts for 2011 free agency or 2010-2011 trades (which will be huge for teams that just don’t get the return they would like on these max contracts they sign in 2010 free agency)
    3) Huge upgrade at SG position. Many, many nights Salmons will lead the Bucks in scoring even if the offense is ran through Bogut, not because he’s a ball hog, cuz he’s hasn’t shown himself to be one, but because he’s an effective scoring threat. He’s 6’6″ and can defend well (I can see the replay of Kobe shooting right over 6’4″ Charlie Bell for that buzzer beater now).
    4) Allows a roster spot for Drew Gooden to sign on if possible (the Clippers will probably buy him out, this keeping him nonsense is probably a hoax before the trade deadline to see if they can get an offer for him).
    5) No losses for the Bucks (even if they lose Warrick for him, Salmons will consistently make up for Warricks contribution).

    The Bucks are in such a good position now for Murphy with Cleveland getting Jamison and the Kings getting Carl Landry, no way should the Bucks offer Ersan now. Maybe a future non-lottery first round pick, a second round pick, or Ridnour. There are no other bidders on Murphy now except the Bucks, the hold out will show to pay-off here.

    This would be nice to see:
    Troy Murphy for Kurt Thomas, Joe Alexander, Charlie Bell and a future first round pick (not 2010, non-lottery) or 2010 2nd round pick

  4. Nice breakdown M_B, I’m more excited now for the trade than I was before that’s for sure. Here’s to hoping that it’s not Warrick in the trade, he’s probably the best guy mentioned…

  5. I kind of like Warrick, but he’s worth sacrificing to get a nice SG. Having Charlie Bell out there makes my head hurt.

  6. Buck – That’s a good breakdown. Not getting Murphy is actually okay with me and Gooden would be a plus, but essentially, the Bucks biggest need was SG and they took care of it. AND GOT PICKS ON TOP OF IT! That’s what’s up.