The Bucks and (even more) Trade Rumors UPDATE 2-17 10:29 AM




I know no one can get enough, so I thought I’d try and keep updating this post to do my best to keep everything together for the next day or so.

  • That rumor about Kurt Thomas to the Hawks?  Just a rumor according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.  I was suspicious of it right away, as Mo Evans didn’t seem an uber-logical fit with the Bucks.  And that was before the AJC alerted me that he has a $2.5 million player option next year.
  • Yahoo! Sports notes that the Bucks have had some interest in Al Harrington.  This was reported at 3 AM CST, and that sounds like the kind of thing a GM would think only at 3 AM.
  • Chris Broussard reports that the Nuggets contacted Milwaukee about Hakim Warrick and (here’s a shocker … but not really) Kurt Thomas, but talks didn’t go far after the Nuggets revealed that they have nothing to offer for anyone.
  • Chad Ford wrote that the Bucks have interest in Chicago’s Tyrus Thomas and may be interested in a shooting guard as well.  John Salmons is on the hook for 5,808,000 next season while Thomas is a restricted free agent with a $6,256,806 qualifying offer.  Those two could be successfully traded for any of the packages the Bucks have looked at with regard to Troy Murphy.


  • Drew Gooden? Gooden will reportedly be bought out by the Clippers after his arrival from Washington, freeing him up to pursue other options.  His number one (or one A) option supposedly is the Bucks.  Milwaukee may present an intriguing option for Gooden in the same way it did for Warrick this past off-season: more playing time and more points than others can provide.


  • Mike Dunleavy (Clippers GM not Pacers SG) told the Los Angeles Daily News it is not the Clippers intention to buyout Gooden.  Thus, if the Bucks wanted Gooden they’d have to make a deal with the Clippers, which seems unlikely given the time constraints.

It’s worth noting what teams do NOT have a first round pick in this June’s draft:

L.A. Lakers
Denver Nuggets
Dallas Mavericks
Phoenix Suns

Toronto Raptors (unless it’s in the lottery)
Charlotte Bobcats (unless it’s in the lottery)
New York Knicks

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  1. Honestly, there’s been two trades, and although the names are recognizable, they are not marquee players. I can’t believe all the hype around the deadline this year, I’d actually be disappointed if nothing went down, with or without the Bucks involvement. Has Stoudemire ever not been on the block? Seems like that guy was drafted for trading… Can’t wait for all the Lebron/Wade/Bosh stuff to really heat up. The mothership has been jamming that down our throats for nearly 2 years now…

  2. I am digging this trade flurry more than usual. I think the influx of Twitter rumors and instant reaction ups the number of rumors and gets people more involved. The NBA has to be loving it, that’s for sure.

    The Summer of 2010 certainly will be anti-climactic, it’s been built up for so long there’s no way it can surpass our expectations … unless the big three go to New York. That would surpass everything I ever imagined.

  3. I would take advantage of the trade market this season as opposed to next if I were sitting in the role of Bucks GM. They are not, I repeat not, going to contend for the services of marquee free agents next year (except with the possibility of Chris Bosh who may opt remain with his team).

    The Bucks have 2 young players whom I would consider to be of the all-star caliber in Bogut and Jennings. It should be common knowledge that deep runs in playoffs require that you have at least three all-star level players and even a solid #4 (decent bench). The Bucks have decent depth and some veteran leadership but I think that a short term deal for a marquee name this year would yield greater results for this small market team.

  4. What would be exciting is if the Bucks traded all of their expiring contracts except Ridnour (Hak, KT, Alexander, Elson, and perhaps their first round pick) for Salmons and Tyrus Thomas. Then still sign Drew Gooden.