Buck Hits 3-15

  • Sebastian Pruti at NBAPlaybook breaks down what he deems “the game clinching play” in Sunday’s Bucks-Pacers game.  A great look at the inner workings of a play here.  If you want to see “the little things” making a big difference, this play has a great screen that helps win the game for Milwaukee.
  • In this piece on NBA.com about road records, the Bucks get some love.

Which brings us to Milwaukee. At least as impressive as the Bucks’ six consecutive victories is their 8-2 mark on the road since Feb. 5. The host teams haven’t all been the toughest (Knicks twice, Heat twice — once without Dwyane Wade — Nets, Pacers, Pistons, Wizards), but given where Milwaukee is on its learning curve, this latest road spurt can help immensely later. And maybe even this spring.

Brandon Jennings’ new Under Armour commercial.  Unfortunately, he seems to be flying to some destination that doesn’t exist.  Milwaukee’s airport code: MKE.

  • As good as Jennings’ UA commercial?  This post about his hairdo’s from The Score.
  • Marc Stein has the Bucks at eight in his newest power rankings.  Furthermore, he has them the third highest ranked Eastern Conference team.  I’ve quietly been talking about this with those close to me for a week or so — are the Bucks the third best team in the East?  It’s at least worth kicking around.  Throw out the first three or four months of the season, those Bucks are no more.  The Bucks in their current state are more than a pest, they’re closer to a conference final sleeper than one and done playoff team.  I’m not saying they can beat Cleveland or Orlando in a seven game series, but I honestly think they can beat Boston or Atlanta.

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  1. With 17 games left and 2 with Boston, while MKE is surging forward and Boston surging backward is it completely out of the question that they catch up for the 4th spot? That would be one heck of a run and story. If its even close what a last 3 games of the season it will be!

    • Boston is guaranteed at least a fourth seed in the playoffs by virtue of winning their division, but with two games left against the Hawks and Celts each (three at home) I don’t think it’s out of the question that we slide into the top four and the Hawks fall out.

      • @Jeremy- it’s also good to point out that seeding doesn’t matter for homecourt advantage. So, conceivably, the Celts would be a 4 seed by winning their division, but if the Bucks have the better record (5GB and Celts falling apart), we will play 4 at home in the first round, which is what i think matters.

  2. I liked it better when no one understood that the Bucks were a good team. Now, there are expectations! Let’s hope the team keeps it’s focus & stays away from the injury bug.

    As for 3rd in the East . . . my take is actually 4th. I can see them beating Boston, but Atlanta is another story.

  3. We cannot get the 4th seed from Boston, but if we have a better record at the 5th seed than boston has at the 4th seed, we would get home court advantage in the first round.

  4. Rich and Clint – Absolutely. I didn’t mention that, but yes, that’s a very important note. That may actually be more realistic than catching the Hawks too.