Over at TrueHoop, there is a clear breakdown of all playoff scenarios in play this evening.

The Bucks are involved.

If the Bucks want to face the Celtics in the coming days they need two things to happen.  A win over Boston tonight and a loss by the Heat against the Nets.

The Bucks are playing in Boston.  That’s a bummer.  On the plus side, Boston has clinched the fourth seed and will likely be resting their stars, or at least Kevin Garnett. Of course, that didn’t help Milwaukee very much last week.

Meanwhile, the Heat are at home against the Nets.  In related news, the Nets are still terrible.

In short, things aren’t looking great for the Bucks hopes of playing the Celtics.  Playing Boston would entail having a first round series that would sell out twice and entertain the masses.  Even if some see it as a foregone conclusion that Boston would defeat the Bucks.  As for Atlanta it’s difficult to guarantee a sold out crowd at the BC or an entertaining playoff series in a Bucks-Hawks matchup.  There has been very little edge to their games and even less competitiveness in Monday night’s game.

Sure it was close enough for most of the game, but it was the definition of an arm’s length game.  The Hawks had Milwaukee at arm’s length the entire night.  Milwaukee was good enough to stick around, but not good enough to make a significant run.  If the Bucks get hot, who knows what could happen.  But teams struggling to shoot over 40% don’t get hot very often, or for very long.

So, here’ s hoping against hope for a Bucks win tonight and a Heat loss.