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Andrew Bogut Out For The Year

| April 4, 2010

Category: Injury Report


From JSOnline’s Charles Gardner:

A source said early Sunday that Bogut suffered a dislocated right elbow, sprained wrist and broken right hand and would likely undergo surgery.

This is troubling.

Here’s the official report from the Milwaukee Bucks:

After falling hard to the floor after a dunk in the second period of the Bucks win over Phoenix, Andrew was examined at the Bradley Center by team orthopaedic physician Dr. Michael Gordon and then taken to Aurora Sinai Medical Center by ambulance for more tests.
“Further testing and imaging at Aurora Sinai showed that Andrew
sustained a dislocated right elbow, a sprained right wrist and a broken right hand.  He was released from the hospital and no timetable has been determined for his return.

Initial reports were optimistic, but it’s possible no one realized that Bogut’s hand was broke because everyone was so focused on the excruciating pain in his elbow.  I’ll have more on what the Bucks can do late Sunday or early Monday.  For now, let’s just mourn the loss of a great season for Bogut.


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  1. Milwaukee_Buck says:

    Just unreal. The dislocated elbow and sprain would be ok for the beginning of the playoffs probably. That darn broken hand tho, that takes like 6 weeks or so to heal. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see him play through the injury for some minutes in the 1st round tho.

  2. Noname says:

    This is really just horrible. This shouldn’t have really happened either, It was more of a freak accident. Either way, goodbye Milwaukee Playoff hopes…. I will be stunned if he’s able to play in the playoffs.

  3. MedBuck says:

    Get better Bogut…what an unlucky dude. Injuries just seem to strike the same people over and over.

    Prior to this injury, conference semi-finals or even conference finals were at least possibilities. Right now, we’re looking at first round flush. Lets hope the team is more resilient than my usual Buck optimism.

  4. Nick says:

    Three thoughts running through my mind on my run this morning (yes I thought about the Bucks for almost the entire 4 miles)

    1. Is it against NBA policy for Bogut to cheer on the team from Squad 6? I mean, dude bought all the seats, least the NBA could do is reward that awesomeness by letting the Aussie have a little fun

    2. Kurt Thomas reminds me of a homeowners policy. We kept him this year as our insurance and now that the damage happened to the house, we need to make the claim on the policy. In this case the money we get back just happens to be a 16 (17?) year grizzled veteran who is tough as nails and has a jumper.

    3. Can we get Bill Simmons on the phone and see if the Bucks suddenly qualify for either the “Ewing Theory” or the “Nobody Believes In Us” theory? If both of those apply, Bucks are definitely making it to the second round.

    • MedBuck says:

      I hope for Bogut’s sake the Bucks don’t fall into the Ewing theory. Bogut’s too good a guy for that label to be put on him.

      I’m rooting for the Buck’s to take on Atlanta. They do not have a dominant CENTER (traditional post-up guy) that will take advantage of Bogut’s absence. I think a rotation of Thomas, Mbah a Moute and Gadzuric (yes I mentioned his name) should at least hold the fort against J. Smith and Horford. I’m a little worried about Horford as he really took advantage of pounding the rock inside the last couple of games.

      We must avoid the Orlando Magic at ALL costs…