From JSOnline’s Charles Gardner:

A source said early Sunday that Bogut suffered a dislocated right elbow, sprained wrist and broken right hand and would likely undergo surgery.

This is troubling.

Here’s the official report from the Milwaukee Bucks:

After falling hard to the floor after a dunk in the second period of the Bucks win over Phoenix, Andrew was examined at the Bradley Center by team orthopaedic physician Dr. Michael Gordon and then taken to Aurora Sinai Medical Center by ambulance for more tests.
“Further testing and imaging at Aurora Sinai showed that Andrew
sustained a dislocated right elbow, a sprained right wrist and a broken right hand.  He was released from the hospital and no timetable has been determined for his return.

Initial reports were optimistic, but it’s possible no one realized that Bogut’s hand was broke because everyone was so focused on the excruciating pain in his elbow.  I’ll have more on what the Bucks can do late Sunday or early Monday.  For now, let’s just mourn the loss of a great season for Bogut.