Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Dave Berri about the Milwaukee Bucks.  He had all sorts of good insights that made me think differently than I had been about the Bucks and their success.  Much of his work is detailed in his new book, “Stumbling On Wins“.  After our emails, I read the book and was even more delighted than I had been.

In Berri’s book, he spends time looking at drafts and the relation between productive players and draft position.  For example, he writes that Glenn Robinson produced only 18.5 wins in his NBA career, whereas number two pick, Jason Kidd produced 61.4.  His findings are that draft position have little relation to actual success in the NBA.

And now I get the chance to share this book with you, through the magic of a giveaway.

I’ll be giving away three  copies of Berri’s “Stumbling On Wins“.  To determine who gets the copies what I’m asking for is a short explanation of who you think the Bucks best draft pick of value of all time was and why.

But you can’t say Kareem Abdul-Jabar.  I mean, come on, that’s too easy.

So aside from Kareem, who’s the Bucks best value pick?  Is it Michael Redd, or do all these losing seasons while he was the Bucks best player undermine his overall value?  Was Sir Sid your guy?  Did you think Todd Day was denied his fair due?  Make a convincing case for someone and I’ll reward you.

The writers of three emails I get that I find most entertaining and make the strongest case for their player will receive a copy of Berri’s book.

I’m going to open this contest to anyone, even you Australia, and I’ll even pay to ship the book.  Just have your entries in by the Bucks first home playoff game (April 22nd or 23rd I believe).