2010 Workouts: Paul George

Bucks.com has the goods on the likeliest candidate at number 15 to workout Monday.

On what he would bring to the Bucks…
“Just another guard that can kind of handle some pressure and take it off of Brandon Jennings a little bit in the backcourt. Just be another shooter and get out and defend. I think I can bring a lot to the Bucks.”

The Bucks could always use more defensive players and absolutely could use some more shooters. George has the potential to excel in both areas. But there’s always some questions that go along with prospects. Chad Ford tackles those in his scouting report on George from May 11th.

Scouts have had questions about his consistency and toughness. They’ve also worried about his love affair with the 3-pointer. But it was also clear that he was rarely pushed at Fresno State.

If consistency and toughness are some of the main issues with George, it’s a little troubling to see some of the comments he had Monday.

On what type of NBA player he would compare himself to…
“Somebody like a Josh Howard, Rudy Gay, Joe Johnson type of player; pretty big shooting guards. I want to transition later in my career to someone like a Tracy McGrady.”

Far be it from me to read too much into two or three sentences from a player after he’s finished a workout that could potentially factor heavily into his future. He was tired, he thought of a few popular names and tossed them out there. All of them are good players and anyone would be thrilled to see Paul George evolve into one of the players he mentioned.

But with that being said, Howard, Gay and McGrady aren’t exactly a who’s who of players with great motors and toughness. Given his athleticism and shooting range, George certainly has the skills to wow in these workouts, but already after just a week or so of digging in, I’m feeling a little nervous about him. Players with this specific skill set can really only get the most out of it if they’re going hard every play, the way Joe Johnson does (or once did, the playoffs weren’t such a great example of this). In Ford’s assessment of George, he does cut the youngster some slack, citing a lack of push from the coaches at Fresno State that he certainly won’t encounter in the league. But self-motivation is what makes stars.

I don’t expect to get a star with the 15th pick, but certain players skill sets translate better to becoming role players. I’m not sold that George has the kind of skill set that will translate with success. And I don’t think a Paul George pick is one that indicates swinging for the fences either. He’s trapped in some sort of nether in my mind. I’m already interested in steering clear of George. But I’ve been wrong before and will be wrong again.

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  2. Milwaukee_Buck

    I’d be happy if they picked Paul George, a 6’9″ SG exceeds the height requirement. Thats going Orlando on these fools! Now, he’d just have to pan out (easier said than done). I think he has the physical tools that make him worth the high risk at 15th, whereas the power forwards likely to be left here don’t distinguish themselves much from the guys of the 2nd round.