Alando Tucker A Summer League Addition

According to Gery Woelful, Alando Tucker will play on the Bucks Vegas Summer League team.

Alando Tucker, one of the greatest players in  University of Wisconsin history, has accepted an invitation from the Bucks to be a part of their summer league team in July in Las Vegas. Tucker, who has three NBA seasons on his resume, is an unrestricted free agent and had the opportunity to hook on with any team. He doesn’t have any roster promises or financial guarantees from the Bucks.

Tucker has averaged 4.1 points in 8.4 minutes per game over four seasons with Phoenix and Minnesota. His agent says in the article that he’s been working on his outside shot, but that won’t be his ticket to more NBA minutes. Tucker’s best opportunity will come as a lock down defender that can get above the rim and make plays out in the open floor. Remember Desmond Mason? That’s Alando Tucker’s best bet, only with less shooting, and not as ugly a jump-shot.

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