Milwaukee Bucks Vegas Summer League Schedule

I’ll be covering the Bucks live from Las Vegas in July. Here’s their schedule listed in CST:

Monday – July 12 – 7 PM Milwaukee vs. Dallas
Tuesday – July 13 – 7 PM Milwaukee vs. Memphis
Wednesday – July 14 – No Game
Thursday – July 15 – 7:30 PM Milwaukee vs. Atlanta
Friday – July 16 – 9:30 PM Milwaukee vs. Miami
Saturday – July 17 –  No Game
Sunday – July 18 – 3 PM Milwaukee vs. Cleveland

The Bucks won’t release a roster until after the draft, shortly before they depart for Vegas, but a few players have been confirmed or can be expected. Darnell Jackson will be on the team along with Alando Tucker and whoever the Bucks draft on June 24th.

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  1. Unrelated comment, but i wanted to comment on something recent

    i dont know the financial situations here, but hedo turkoglu is demanding a trade from toronto. most teams wouldn’t touch his contract unless they get to dump a bad contract onto toronto (elton brand?)

    but he is a solid scorer and someone milwaukee could use. I think that toronto would jump on a trade in which they get expiring contracts (redd or gadz?). we would get a good scorer for 4 years, and the cap space we would have had in 2011 a year early; in a better free agent class.

    • I’m just not seeing that as feasible, if only because the front office has been so adamant about not taking on more money and more years. I think Toronto would be more intrigued if Bosh eventually says he’s definitely not coming back, if he does come back they can try to pair them again and hope things turn out better. I’d rather see Elton Brand and the #2 pick coming to Milwaukee than Hedo Turkoglu if they decided to take on some money.