More Wheeling, More Dealing: Chris Douglas Roberts to Milwaukee?

UPDATE: ESPN reports the pick is a 2012 second round pick.

Travel back in time seven months and four days to November 18th, 2009. The Bucks are waxing the New Jersey Nets and I can’t take my off Chris Douglas Roberts.

The second half was so bad, I thought CDR was going to snap.  He appeared to have gotten in a bit of a shouting match with assistant coach Doug Overton about what was going on on the court.  I couldn’t hear Overton, but my colleague Alex from BrewHoop suggested it had something to do with a stretch where CDR got blocked, turned it over, got it back and missed a lay-up.  CDR shouted at his bench, “we’re losing, what am I supposed to do?!”

I felt for CDR.  He was working hard, he was trying to make plays and he was saddled with some teammates who’ve been injured and/or unable to get the job done to get this team a win.  The whole team had that, “here we go again” look as soon as things started going South in the third quarter.  CDR seemed like he didn’t want to let it happen again.

Later, CDR was seen exchanging words with Brandon Jennings while he was at the free throw line finishing the game off.

Bucksketball: I saw CDR barking at you at the line.  Was that him talking trash to try and get in your head?
Jennings: Oh yeah, just a little trash talk.  On that play where I got fouled, I got fouled pretty hard, so you know, some words exchanged.  It is what it is.
Bucksketball: You just brushing it off?
Jennings: Yeah, just brushing it off.  They’re the one’s 0-12 not us.

Fast forward back to today and this Chad Ford report (below) coupled with some curious tweets from CDR and a report from Yahoo! that future considerations will go to the Nets for Douglas-Roberts.

Finally, it looks like the Bucks aren’t done dealing. This afternoon they traded Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Bell to the Warriors for Corey Maggette. Now sources say that the Bucks and Nets are in serious negotiations on a deal that would send Chris Douglas-Roberts to the Bucks for a second round pick. With the addition of Maggette and Douglas-Roberts, you have to wonder if the Bucks may look at something other than a wing with the No. 15 pick in the draft.

I’ll say this, CDR seemed like a competitor and someone who was dying to win that night in November. I’m not sure what happened with CDR after that, I’ve heard he dealt with a benching and balked at getting the ball inside to Yi Jianlian and Brook Lopez, but wouldn’t you balk at getting the ball to Yi too? Milwaukee just generally balked at everything having to do with Yi in his time here, so this city will likely be sympathetic to that feeling. When you’re a passionate player, one has to imagine losing takes more of a toll. CDR was coming from a winning program in Memphis then spent one mediocre year in New Jersey before everything caved in last year in his sophomore season.

CDR’s numbers aren’t among the best in the league or anything like that, but he seems more than capable of filling the role previously occupied by the Jerry Stackhouse, Charlie Bell duo. I’ll have more on CDR once the trade officially goes through, assuming it does.

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  1. btw he’s due up for whopping $850,000 next year! I’d call this a dead out steal for the Bucks and makes the Maggette trade look better too.

  2. Never been to MIL and never been a bucks fan, but really enjoyed watching them last year. I love these moves. Both these guys have yet to get the most out of their talent….Skiles will definitely get their games to a new level.

    Bucks are officially legit. Depending how FA plays out for others, they have to be considered as contenders in the east. Glad there is NBA League Pass….this team will be exciting to watch.