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The time for talk will soon be over. Draft day is finally here. The workouts have been worked out, the DVD’s have been viewed and the interviews have been meticulously poured over. Milwaukee has all the information they could possibly want about their next potential players and they will soon take a leap with two to four lucky fellows depending on just how many draft picks are kept. I’ll work under the assumption that Milwaukee won’t be leaving draft day with four rookies on their roster and just list the three I suspect will wear green and red come summer league.

Everyone has their preferences and theories about how things will go down later this evening, and I’m no different. Personally, I think Milwaukee will finish the day with three draft picks and net Patrick Patterson, Lance Stephenson and Tiny Gallon. If that’ how things went down, it’d be tough to complain about the Bucks haul. Balancing the needs of a team, the fit of players available and overall talent of players available isn’t an easy task, but if Milwaukee acquired these three I think they’d be succeeding in those areas. The biggest question with my wish list is whether or not Patterson will fall to 15. Various mocks have Patterson landing anywhere from 12 to 14, so it may just take one bizarre pick to drop Patterson into the laps of the Bucks. Is that so difficult to rule out?

Patterson can stretch the floor a little the way Kurt Thomas did when he played center. Having a power forward with Thomas’ skills offensively would be a coup for the Bucks. Defensively Patterson probably isn’t quite ready for the big show, but if he’s willing to work at it, and all indications are that he is, he could be in a position to thrive as someone whose main focus is defense next to Andrew Bogut.

Stephenson and Gallon were both highly touted high school players who struggled to various degrees with their transition to college basketball, but remain promising prospects. Stephenson would probably be further away from contributing to the team, if only because of the log jam at the wing positions thanks to the recent trade spree Milwaukee embarked on. Gallon though, could be in line to earn up to 10 minutes nightly if he shows the ability to use his immense size productively when rebounding and can finish around the hoop. One thing the Bucks really lack in their power forwards is, well, power. Few players in this draft are more powerful than Gallon.

So Bucks fans, who do you want to see end up in a Milwaukee uniform when things are all said and done Thursday night? Leave some comments with your best case scenarios.

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  1. Fantastic analysis as always mate.
    I certainly think Gallon is a very realistic possibility for the Bucks, but ultimately I believe that Sanders will be our guy.

    Worst Case Scenario: Gordon Hayward (Seems to me like a Mike Dunleavy…is OK but doesn’t do anything to really excite us Bucks fans moving forward.)

    I would love to take Sanders…we need length at the PF for once and we would almost certainly win the rebounding battle in most of our games with him and Bogut together on the floor. Very exciting prospect.

    Best Case Scenario: Xavier Henry – unlikely to be there at 15 though.

  2. Unless the Bucks land another 2 first rounders, I doubt they get Patterson, Gallon, and Stephenson. I do anticipate them gaining another 1 first rounder and depending on where it is grabbing between Crawford, Stephenson, Gallon, and Sanders.

    My guess:
    The Bucks end up with two of Crawford, Stephenson, Gallon, and Sanders.

    • Gotta say I called it: two of Gallon, Sanders, Stephenson, and Crawford. I’m super surprised they passed on Stephenson. Kind of upset about it.

      He reminds me a lot of Tyreke and is slightly bigger.

  3. I think we are going big this draft. Patterson would be nice. 1 of 2 second round picks will be another big guy to back up bogut. Other would be a SF. Trading up may be what happens to get that done.

    I am not a fan of hayward. This guy has skill but is going to get eaten up in the NBA. He is a hot name now, but I only see him getting to the level of Kyle Korver if he really works at it.

    I am a fan of Sanders and although he is raw on offense, he will be needed more on defense. We will have scrorers to shoot. He can clean up easy points off of rebounds and transition pts.

  4. I want Patterson as well. I see him spotting up at the elbow, getting the pass from Bogut after Andrew gets double teamed, and then nailing the mid-range jumper. I think he could realistically be a 12-8 guy next season.

    If not for injuries, he may have been one of the fab freshmen in the same class as Eric Gordon. The kid’s ready to play and we need someone like that.

  5. What I think can be most appreciated about this draft is that Milwaukee will probably not have to rely on their draftee for major minutes out of the gate. Rookies can probably be more productive per minute in 20 minutes than in 35.

  6. Luke "The American"

    I would like the see the bucks get another late first round draft pick and take kevin seraphin.

  7. Personally, I would love to see Xavier Henry. He could definitely be the answer that the bucks will need going forward with Salmons opting out and Redd being both injury-prone and an expiring contract. The feeling with a lot of analysts is that he is the most likely pick outside of the top 5 that will make an All-Star game or two. He may not have had a stellar freshman year, but he played the role that he needed to on a stacked Kansas team. I think he’ll be a steal if we can get him.