Tiny Gallon: A “Big” Get at 47 (You see what I did there?)

Brandon Jennings wanted him at number 15.

I’m sure he was just as happy with his friend Keith “Tiny” Gallon falling to the Bucks at number 47.

Don’t get caught up in the name though, Gallon is no more a “Tiny” than Glen Davis is a “Baby”. At 6-foot-9, 302 pounds, Gallon certainly meets the power part of the power forward requirement and then some. But that isn’t why Gallon may soon be a fan favorite in the Bradley Center. The colorful, backboard breaking 19-year-old could sweep Milwaukee off it’s feet. After all, who doesn’t love to see a giant shooting 3-pointers?

“You talk about him, you talk about imagination,” said John Hammond when asked to delve deeper into Gallon. “He’s a guy who likes to do all kinds of things on the floor. He thinks he can shoot an NBA three. And the problem is, he really can.”

Half the Bucks fans that read that last sentence probably got a little sick, but the other half probably got a little giddy. Having equal parts doubters and supporters has been par for the course for the big man with the word “Misunderstood” tatooed on himself. The “misunderstanding” of Tiny Gallon is what left him available for the Bucks at 47 and they wasted no time in scooping him up, but not before talking to his ex-high school teammate Brandon Jennings.

“We talked to Brandon as the pick was getting near,” said Coach Scott Skiles. “I talked to Brandon right after, they have a relationship and that’s great. Tiny can learn a lot from Brandon. Brandon’s in the gym every day, he’s serious about the game, he loves the game and he’s got a great approach. It’ll be good that there’s somebody here that Tiny can look to and good for Brandon to start to take on more of a leadership role.”

Hammond said that Gallon’s skills were too much to pass on as they came up to their 47th pick with him on the board.

“He’s capable of posting, he’s an excellent passer. As far as rating players, we had him rated so much higher than where we picked him. We had options at 47. Do we keep the pick? Do we move it for the future, something like that? But we thought, if he’s getting close to 47, there’s no way we can move it. He’s way way too talented.”

Gallon’s freshman season at Oklahoma was at times turbulent. The kind of turbulence a plane suffers minutes before it crashes and is never found again that is. Clashes with the coaching staff, a late season suspension and ultimately the tale of the money that suddenly appeared in his mother’s hands that was the John Hancock on his declaration to go pro all dogged him. But when Gallon was playing, his numbers actually weren’t all that bad.

He was 25th nationally in defensive rebound percentage, grabbing 25.2% of available defensive boards. In just 24 minutes per game, Gallon averaged 10.3 points on 54.7% shooting while grabbing 7.9 rebounds per game. As a freshman. The indication from his numbers is that he actually used his size fairly effectively, Hammond’s earlier comment about his love for the jump-shot not withstanding. As far as upside picks go, the Bucks could have done a lot worse at 47 than the “Misunderstood” Gallon. And hey, he’s trying to make nice already. So maybe drafting him will suffice just fine.

Oh, and when a team can make their star player happy at the same time, well, that’s just all the better.

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