Trading down and what it could mean for the Milwaukee Bucks

Chad Ford shares some updates on possible trade developments for the Milwaukee Bucks in Thursday’s draft.

The Kings, Pacers, Hornets and Bucks would like to trade down, while the Pistons, Grizzlies, Raptors, Rockets, Spurs, Thunder, Blazers and Nuggets would like to move up.  In what order will they go? It’s way too early to say. If I were to handicap it right now, the Clippers are slightly leaning toward Hayward. The Jazz prefer Babbitt, while the Pacers and Grizzlies like George and the Hornets and Bucks favor Hayward.

Arising from this news out of Ford, is the question of who the Bucks would be interested in were they to trade down. In sifting through workouts the Bucks have had with later round prospects, a few names pop out.

Larry Sanders doesn’t just stand out, he practically jumps off the page.Word got out that Sanders supposedly had a promise with the Bucks, something they refuted publicly and immediately. But Sanders is a power forward, he has the athleticism and length the Bucks have spoken about leading up to this draft (though that’s often something teams just say for the sake of saying it) and of players likely to be available later in the first round, has as much upside as anyone. Sanders will very likely be in the picture if the Bucks are trading down.

Recent workoutee Kevin Seraphin of France is an intriguing prospect with very good size and reputed physicality. He could be one of the more talented power forwards in this class when it’s all said and done, but he’s still very raw. Seraphin’s stock may be even higher had he not suffered an injury not long before teams were working prospects out and the cherry on top of the Kevin Seraphin ice cream is his ability to stay in France longer to further develop his skills and prepare himself for the NBA.

Tiny Gallon is still someone that could end up in a Bucks uniform. Recently he received the support of Brandon Jennings at the 15th spot, a reach for Gallon, but something worth noting. Jennings quickly formed chemistry with all of his teammates last season, so I’m not sure how significant the head start in knowing Jennings would give Gallon, but it can’t hurt to have a team’s franchise cornerstone in your corner if your Gallon.

Terrico White may be in the picture depending on where the Bucks trade down to if they do. If the Grizzlies were able to swing a deal to land Milwaukee’s 15th pick while surrendering the 28th pick, White would likely be in play. After playing point guard in college, White will likely have to shift to the two guard spot on the next level as he was something of a ball-hogging turnover machine, but he is a very good athlete and has ball-handling skills. I’m certain the Bucks prefer two guards that can handle the ball and create for others over twos that simply serve as spot-up shooters.

Jordan Crawford shouldn’t be ruled out either. Crawford worked out with the Bucks twice and is a noted scoring machine. Crawford is a potential fit in the John Salmons role if the Bucks are looking for insurance for Salmons bolting.

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