Even in deceit, lessons can be learned.

That’s what I’m taking out of the 20 minutes madness earlier today on Twitter when, for those precious 20 minutes, everyone thought Michael Redd may be heading out of town to make room for local boy Devin Harris. The trade (the supposed specifics of it aren’t worth mentioning anymore) turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by someone claiming to be New Jersey Nets reporter Dave D’Alessandro. As frustrating as this type of shenanigan is, it does further paint a picture in Milwaukee.

Any significant transformation of the Bucks roster this season will be coming in the form of a trade. And that trade would probably involve Michael Redd.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s very likely that Michael Redd will get traded this off-season. Teams rarely engage in salary dumps after the draft and before their next season. What kind of message is it to send to your fans if you’re organization is giving up on a season that has yet to start?  The most likely scenario, is a team is looking to unload some contracts and free up future cap space by snagging Redd from the Bucks sometime after January next season. That’s how I envision the trade of Redd going down. But even more unlikely than Redd being traded this off season, is the thought that the Bucks will attempt to find another starter in the free agent market.

Despite some information that relied on the ultra unlikely scenario that Michael Redd opts out of his $18.3 million contract in ESPN’s Free Agent Dime, the Bucks won’t be getting a max free agent. If this point needed to be pounded in even further, the Bucks did that today when they picked up Carlos Delfino’s second year option. If the Bucks were interested in freeing up even more space to try and sign a free agent whose value suggests he would earn more than the mid-level exception, dropping Delfino and  his $3.5 million contract would have been the way to go. That would have left Milwaukee with over $6 million to play with this off season before making offers to John Salmons and Luke Ridnour. The Bucks apparently felt Delfino was a better fit at the three for their current roster than anyone else they could have found on the open market.

As things stand now, Milwaukee’s biggest hole in their roster is at the shooting guard position. With Salmons in flux, Michael Redd seemingly on the way out or to the inactive list and not-so-perfect fits in Delfino and Chris Douglas-Roberts, the Bucks would probably be well served to find a way to bring in a two guard if Salmons doesn’t return. But if they’re looking for anyone who is more of a long term piece rather than a stop gap until more cap room opens up in 2011, look for it to be done via trade, rather than as a free agent signing.