Bucks acquire Brockman

The Bucks have acquired Sacramento Kings power forward Jon Brockman in a sign-and-trade for Darnell Jackson and a future second-round pick according to Adrian Wojnarowski. Milwaukee’s power forward situation gets no less complicated, as Brockman is better than Jackson, but not a significant upgrade over any of the remaining Bucks forwards. This likely leaves Tiny Gallon world’s away from immediate playing time next season, as the thing he does better than anything else is rebounding, Brockman’s greatest strength.

1. Drew Gooden
2. Ersan Ilyasova
3. Larry Sanders
4. Jon Brockman
5. Tiny Gallon

And I haven’t even mentioned Luc Richard Mbah a Moute.

So where does that leave Milwaukee? With a team heavy on power forwards that can play some five and a lot of four, moderately deep at the two and three and as shallow as can be at the point guard position. Milwaukee still seems like they’ll need to add a pure point guard or a combo guard behind Brandon Jennings. Luther Head‘s name has been mentioned, but other fits may include Travis Diener, Anthony Johnson or Keyon Dooling. The influx of talent and youth at the four over the past month leads one to believe another move may be coming, but it’s hard to imagine the Bucks giving up on any of the young players they have at the power forward position solely to acquire a backup point guard.

If Milwaukee were to deal one of their assets at the four, I’d think they’d be more inclined to get someone who can put in minutes at the one and the two in return. Preferably a player who can defend both point guards and shooting guards and shoot the three.

The addition of Brockman still seems like it is the collecting of an asset, as Brockman was an intriguing rebounder and hustle player last season.

How intriguing?


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  1. The Brockness Monster is a hustler extraordinaire. A fan favorite type for sure. Can really beat people up inside too. He wont ever get the glory or attention he deserves, but, as a 15-20 min type he is super effective.

  2. I honestly thought that when you said “intriguing rebounder and hustle player” and then a dunk contest ensued I thought it was gonna show clips of Brockman sprinting after missed dunks and shagging down balls. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised

  3. #21 DeMarcus Nelson
    (more photos)
    2007-2008 Senior
    Position: Guard
    Height: 6-4
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Age: 24 (Nov 02, 1985)
    Home: Elk Grove, CA